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[GNUnet-SVN] r591 - i18nHTML/src

From: grothoff
Subject: [GNUnet-SVN] r591 - i18nHTML/src
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 00:10:46 -0700 (PDT)

Author: grothoff
Date: 2005-04-04 00:10:44 -0700 (Mon, 04 Apr 2005)
New Revision: 591


Deleted: i18nHTML/src/index.php
--- i18nHTML/src/index.php      2005-04-04 07:10:39 UTC (rev 590)
+++ i18nHTML/src/index.php      2005-04-04 07:10:44 UTC (rev 591)
@@ -1,85 +0,0 @@
-DOCTYPE("HTML", "Transitional");
-echo "<html><head>\n";
-TITLE("i18nHTML - enabling collaborative webpage translation");
-echo "<meta name=\"description\" content=\"";
-TRANSLATE("i18nHTML is a collection of PHP scripts that allow visitors of a 
webpage to help translating it.");
-echo "\">";
-<meta name="author" content="Christian Grothoff">
-<meta name="keywords" 
-<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">
-<meta name="revisit-after" content="28 days">
-<meta name="publisher" content="Christian Grothoff">
-<meta name="date" content="2005-01-03">
-<meta name="rights" content="(C) 2004,2005 by Christian Grothoff>";
-<meta http-equiv="expires" content="43200">
-<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html">
-W("i18nHTML is a collection of PHP files that can be used to write webpages 
that visitors can translate into their respective native languages.");
-W("i18nHTML uses a database to match sentences from the webpage against 
-W("i18nHTML defines a set of PHP functions that generate either the translated 
HTML sentences or the original (typically English) text with decorations that 
allow users to provide translations.");
-W("i18nHTML requires the internationalized webpages to be written using the 
provided PHP functions but does not constrain the page design in any way.");
-W("Webpages internationalized with i18nHTML can be updated without loosing 
existing translations for sentences that were not changed.");
-W("Note that it is important that you use the i18nHTML <tt>TITLE</tt> command 
in your documents in order to ensure that the character set and other meta-data 
is set properly.");
-H3("i18nHTML 0.1.0 released");
-W("i18nHTML 0.1.0 is expected to solve various character set encoding 
-W("It also ensures that all entered translations match the original sentence 
in the number of escape sequences.");
-W("The new version also resolves various minor bugs (such as editor mode only 
working with php-register-globals enabled).");
-W("Upgrading from i18nHTML 0.0.2 to 0.1.0 requires changes to the encoding of 
strings in the database (which is now hopefully properly based on unicode).");
-W("This can be done by running the update.php script and feeding the SQL 
statements that update.php generates into MySQL.");
-W("Running <tt>update.php</tt> by itself will not do the data conversion (for 
security reasons).");
-W("You should backup your old translation database first.");
-W("mysqldump should be useful here.");
-W("Note that <tt>update.php</tt> may discard translations that it believes 
have serious character set (or other) problems.");
-W("The total number of discarded translations can be found at the end of the 
output (in a generated comment).");
-W("Another important step in upgrading from 0.0.2 to 0.1.0 is to use the new 
<tt>TITLE</tt> function to generate the title of all webpages.");
-W("The reason is that the <tt>TITLE</tt> function will generate other HTML 
tags that should be placed in the HTML header to help ensure that the browser 
picks up the character encodings correctly.");
-W("You can find the latest version %s.",
-  extlink_("";, "here"));
-W("The latest SVN version can be obtained using");
-PRE("$ svn checkout";);
-W("If you want to be notified about updates, subscribe to %s",
-  extlink_("";, "i18nHTML on 
-if ( ($xlang) && ($xlang != "English")) {
-  H2("Mass translation");
-  W("The mass-translation page for translating many sentences at once is %s.",
-    intlink_("editor.php", "here"));
-  W("Note that the sentence database is shared with the %s, %s and %s 
-    ARRAY(extlink_("";, "GNUnet"),
-         extlink_("";, "doodle"),
-         extlink_("";, "libExtractor")));  
- }
-W("i18nHTML uses Mantis for bugtracking.");
-W("Visit %s to report bugs.",
-  extlink_("","";));
-W("You need to sign up for a reporter account.");
-W("Please make sure you report bugs under <strong>I18nHTML</strong> and not 
under any of the other projects.");
-W("If you dislike Mantis and need to report a bug contact %s via e-mail (good 
luck getting by the spam-filter).",
-  extlink_("mailto:address@hidden","address@hidden";));
-echo "</body></html>\n";

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