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[GNUnet-SVN] r2388 - GNUnet/contrib

From: grothoff
Subject: [GNUnet-SVN] r2388 - GNUnet/contrib
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 13:38:27 -0800 (PST)

Author: grothoff
Date: 2005-12-23 13:38:26 -0800 (Fri, 23 Dec 2005)
New Revision: 2388

mantis 958

Modified: GNUnet/contrib/
--- GNUnet/contrib/     2005-12-23 21:14:33 UTC (rev 2387)
+++ GNUnet/contrib/     2005-12-23 21:38:26 UTC (rev 2388)
@@ -174,22 +174,73 @@
                Whenever this option is changed, you MUST run gnunet-update.
                Currently, the available applications are:
-               advertising: always load this one
-               getoption: probably a good idea, too!
-               stats: statistics - for gnunet-stats
+               advertising: tell peers about peers
+                       This module will advertise your peer to other peers.
+                       Without it, your peer will not participate in 
+                       informing peers about other peers.  You should 
+                       always load this module.
+               getoption: configuration
+                       This module allows clients to query gnunetd about
+                       the values of various configuration options.  Many
+                       tools need this.  You should always load this module.
+               stats: statistics 
+                       This module allows tools like gnunet-stats
+                       and gnunet-gtk to query gnunetd about various
+                       statistics.  This information is usually quite
+                       useful to diagnose errors, hence it is recommended
+                       that you load this module.
                traffic: traffic analysis 
+                       This module keeps track of how many messages of
+                       which type and size were recently received and
+                       transmitted.  This information can then be used
+                       by your peer to establish how much cover traffic
+                       is currently available.  The amount of cover 
+                       traffic becomes important if you want to make
+                       anonymous requests with an anonymity level that
+                       is greater than one.  This module does not add
+                       support for any new peer-to-peer messages itself.
+                       It is recommended that you always load this module,
+                       unless you are really short on memory and are
+                       certain that you do not require good anonymity.
                fs: file sharing
-               chat: broadcast chat (demo-application, ALPHA quality, at best)
+                       The file sharing module is needed for downloading
+                       files, for caching content within the network and
+                       for being the source of content.  At this point,
+                       pretty much everybody should load this module.
+               chat: broadcast chat (demo-application, ALPHA quality)
+                       If this module is loaded, you can run gnunet-chat
+                       (text-mode only) to chat with other GNUnet users.
+                       However, there are no channels and no list of users
+                       on-line, the code simply broadcasts your messages.
                tbench: benchmark tool for transport performance
-               tracekit: GNUnet topology visualization toolkit
+                       If two peers load this module and establish a direct
+                       connection, the gnunet-tbench tool can be used to
+                       measure the quality of the connection between the
+                       two peers.  Useful mostly for testing new transports.
+               tracekit: topology visualization toolkit
+                       Peers that load this module can be queried for their
+                       active connections (in fact, this is transitive for
+                       all peers that load this module).  Using the
+                       gnunet-tracekit tool it is possible to create a
+                       picture of the network topology.  Note that the
+                       picture maybe incomplete since peers that do not
+                       load the tracekit module will not respond to such
+                       requests and thus cut off the trace.  Also, some
+                       peers may fail to respond within the specified
+                       timeout.  Note that while tracing the topology
+                       maybe fun, loading tracekit may make it easier 
+                       for an adversary to compromise your anonymity.
-               The chat, tbench and tracekit protocols are potential security 
-               and have been engineered for testing GNUnet or demonstrating how
+               Again, the chat, tbench and tracekit protocols are potential 
+               risks and have been engineered for testing GNUnet or 
demonstrating how
                GNUnet works. They should be used with caution.
-               Using the fs tools for downloading may require the traffic 
-               to be loaded!  Various GNUnet-tools depend on getoption.
+               In order to download or share files with GNUnet, you must load 
+               fs module which in turn requires or recommends getoption, stats
+               and traffic.  
+               Everybody should run advertising.
                Default: APPLICATIONS = "advertising fs getoption stats traffic"

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