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[taler-docs] branch master updated: python guidelines

From: gnunet
Subject: [taler-docs] branch master updated: python guidelines
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2020 17:42:17 +0100

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

dold pushed a commit to branch master
in repository docs.

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/master by this push:
     new 1a0b90a  python guidelines
1a0b90a is described below

commit 1a0b90a645752152da6ffd1fe8279acdcb26a01e
Author: Florian Dold <>
AuthorDate: Mon Nov 9 17:39:08 2020 +0100

    python guidelines
 developers-manual.rst |  6 ++++++
 python-guidelines.rst | 56 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 62 insertions(+)

diff --git a/developers-manual.rst b/developers-manual.rst
index 22d205f..5d35c96 100644
--- a/developers-manual.rst
+++ b/developers-manual.rst
@@ -149,6 +149,12 @@ There are separate low-volume mailinglists for 
gnunet-developers (
 and for libmicrohttpd (
+Language-Specific Guidelines
+* :doc:`Python Guidelines <python-guidelines>`
 Taler Deployment on
diff --git a/python-guidelines.rst b/python-guidelines.rst
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f08b563
--- /dev/null
+++ b/python-guidelines.rst
@@ -0,0 +1,56 @@
+Guidelines for Python Packages
+This document describes conventions used for Python repos in the Taler project.
+* We use `poetry <>`__ for managing 
dependencies and dev-dependencies.
+* The ``poetry.lock`` file must be committed to repo.
+* Entry points **must not** be defined as shell scripts.  Instead, use 
poetry's script facility to define entry points.  This makes the package work 
on different platforms properly.
+GNU Compatibility Layer
+In addition to the Python-native tooling, we provide a GNU-style interface for 
the build system.
+The commands supported by every Python repo should be:
+* ``./bootstrap``:  Only necessary when the repo is checked out via git.
+  Initializes the build system and checks out git submodules if applicable.
+* ``./configure``:  Should check for build-time dependencies, **including** 
Python tooling.
+* ``make``: Invoking make without a target should create the Python wheel for 
the project.
+* ``make install``: Installation should **only** install the Python package
+  based on the wheel via ``pip``.  Note that we can't do dependency tracking
+  properly, so the ``install`` target will always re-build the wheel and
+  install it.
+* ``make pretty``: Should invoke the pretty-printer (``black`` for Python 
+* ``make dist``: This should create the source tarball.
+* ``make clean``: Should delete generated files.
+The `build-common.git <>`__ repository 
contains helpers
+to make the GNU compatibility easier.  Here are some hints for using it:
+* The ``build-common.git`` repo should added as a submodule in the path 
+  of the repository.
+* The `bootstrap template 
<>`__ should
+  be copied as ``./bootstrap`` to the root of the repository.
+* The configure script is automatically created by ``./bootstrap``.
+* Dependencies for the configure file are defined in 
+  There is no documentation yet, but adjusting the `example file 
<>`__ is a good 
starting point.
+* The source distribution (``make dist``) should either be created via 
``poetry build -f sdist``
+  or using the `git-archive-all 
+* We follow `pep8 <>`__.
+* Code should be auto-formatted wich `black <>`__.
+Distro Packaging
+For Debian, we should try to use `wheel2deb 

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