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[taler-anastasis] branch master updated (3f717ff -> 7e669bc)

From: gnunet
Subject: [taler-anastasis] branch master updated (3f717ff -> 7e669bc)
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 10:40:26 +0200

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

grothoff pushed a change to branch master
in repository anastasis.

 discard 3f717ff  -fix i18n, add some licensing headers to JSON resource files, 
 discard 270c947  -remove bogus flag
 discard 9542c8c  debian: new config location, static unit file
 discard 1fd0551  debian: files don't belong to souce package
 discard 3ba9a77  -fix expiration calculation for free services
 discard fe21014  exposed solved bit
 discard 0186e68  -fix build issues with latest Taler APIs
 discard 1dc0df9  -fix time overflow possibility
 discard aa6f6fa  -rename TALER_amount_get_zero to TALER_amount_set_zero
 discard 6a4eec7  bump
 discard 6f878ff  -fix bad provider url
 discard 2f8c65d  add missing link
 discard a91f665  -bump changelog
 discard b01b7d7  -fix typo
 discard 4ee67af  -cleanups
 discard 57a2bab  modify reducer to return policy expiration dates to frontend
 discard 25023a9  debian: add another missing dependency
 discard 1a89bad  debian: add missing dependency
 discard ca36eee  fix bad 0-cost account lifetime bump
 discard 53cb92c  -use less confusing field name, more logging
 discard b766fe6  fix typos
 discard 9909df5  ignore
 discard 1a15895  clean up intro
 discard 88ed9ae  properly move man pages to right Debian packages
 discard 6f20879  integrate documentation
 discard 862f731  add anastasis-httpd.templates
 discard e518936  improve error reporting
 discard 8c5884f  -do not append zero costs
 discard d0aaf88  fix database timestamp handling
 discard d03964f  -update changelog
 discard ab1423d  -preserve secret name
 discard 4a77dcb  expand logic to store a secret name in the recovery document
 discard 069b04c  split secret selection and challenge selection in reducer
 discard 0ff4158  add clear secret and enter_secret_name transitions to reducer
 discard 78eaac4  avoid unnecessary base32-encoding core secret, fix test
 discard 124d994  -fix pack logic
 discard 70a474b  -fixes to get tests to pass again
 discard 6b3d181  -fix new payment logic
 discard 092a3dd  -better error handling
 discard 56133c0  -remove truth expiration from /config
 discard da96091  -fix misc bugs
 discard 60abc60  -fix reducer issues
 discard db06bb6  fix years_to_pay calculations
 discard 9e8cdaf  fix db test
 discard 6ae716e  -API break: allow clients to specify number of years of 
service to pay for, including reducer update. Will break stuff, partial patch 
for #6841
 discard c4f3b09  add it rules
 discard eb52585  add it rules:
 discard 90b8a9d  add italian
 discard ef84fa4  remove redundant birthdate q
 discard 5affd3a  make replace work nicer
 discard 4a418c7  unify field name
 discard 5abc489  add update_policy transition to reducer
 discard 1c66da3  add delete_challenge transition to reducer
 discard 398eb7f  allow foreigner numbers
 discard dfc820f  add dk
 discard b7a75c0  expand country list
 discard d2e18b6  expand country list
 discard 825a9ed  add japan
 discard 37f65ce  add definitions for india
 discard cbad720  improve logging in anastasis postinst script
 discard 1241f52  implement 'optimal' policy generation, but with CPU cap to 
ensure it is virtually instant even for very complex policies; fixes #6830
 discard 502b0f2  work on #6830: cost-based policy generation
 discard 327a594  fix packaging rules
 discard 9fe434f  revisions to build Debian package
 discard ebc390d  use simplified regex without negative lookaheads as posix 
does not support others
 discard 227c3e6  return more canonically formated JSON reply
 discard 3d9cd3c  better logging, if regex is ill-formed, accept anything
 discard 8d897a0  child management is now in GNUnet, remove from ANASTASIS
 discard b13cb0f  fix runtime dir for test
 discard 1743316  add missing XLIB linkage for coverage
 discard ee2560b  use grothoff in runtimedir when testing
 discard 1187a4e  -fix typo
 discard 191207b  fix typo
 discard cf0d7a0  cleanup
 discard 79c28a4  remove old website
 discard a2ab7e0  add proper doxygen support
 discard 23a25e3  fix typos
 discard 58dc4e0  remove obsolete test resources
 discard 323c068  fix spelling issues
 discard 51e44d8  fix #6842
 discard 7333d32  update gana
 discard 897a89f  fix misc issues, including refunds and provider selection
 discard 5aae20e  fix refund logic: pass correct refund delay, other minor fixes
 discard cc184ef  do specify refund_delay in contract
 discard ca29708  fix test: use valid base32-encoded challenges
 discard cdc01c1  implement #6750
 discard 40d9e2f  implement #6810: upload size limit checks
 discard 8712820  remove scripts that do not belong
 discard 34d5eff  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard 0b418e1  fix json syntax
 discard a975d57  testing how the merchant backend handle the auth token
 discard 0e24387  fix FIXMEs in test_cmd_truth_upload, closes #6753
 discard 940dd86  fix issue discovered as part of #6753 tests
 discard c1bb4d2  do not upgrade gana to master on bootstrap (see #6839)
 discard f238ac3  work on testing for #6753
 discard 8512aa3  document po folder
 discard da628e9  remove glossary
 discard c9f8270  import Sphinx-generated Texinfo documentation
 discard 94f3cfc  implement #6749: i18n of authorization plugins
 discard 5088a61  add gettext support to build
 discard 901999d  add gettext support (for reducer error messages)
 discard 30a526e  mark up 'error_message' for gettext
 discard a431e08  fix i18n in redux.countries.json
 discard bb78928  add i18n for continents
 discard 406729a  fix misc build issues
 discard 2c70777  update documentation
 discard f038e92  version update
 discard c744ea1  fix #6754
 discard de8c84a  properly count down retries
 discard b7646a9  fix retry counter logic
 discard fc14d7d  use named constant
 discard 9c925c2  add mime to core secret (#6825)
 discard a0e65bd  fix mime-type confusion in 'instructions' of challenge
 discard 8330c4d  add multi-currency support
 discard 004ca6e  fix use-after-free on abort
 discard 7d6dbe8  do not transition to error if one challenge failed
 discard 49dc95e  return policy version properly
 discard 32bc521  improve final state returned on backup failure
 discard 32cd079  guard against empty policies array
 discard 699ec9a  Beamte do not have Rentenversicherungsnummern, introduce TIN, 
and support optional fields
 discard 3e331b3  fix tests
 discard 35637de  fix rate limiting
 discard ceb03af  GONE is actually too many requests
 discard 1c5be01  implement rate limiting error handling
 discard 003add1  nicer logging
 discard 2dcbafb  fix log levels
 discard bb3ff2b  fix shutdown logic
 discard eeb45be  fix provider selection logic
 discard 027070e  Fix DE SVN checksum@
 discard 183bf77  typo
 discard edcdab0  fix validation regex
 discard 9609ade  fix for picky linkers
 discard 6303cef  implement DE SVN and prime validation
 discard 27b1b51  transition to new semi-successful state if policy download 
 discard 97ce548  fix 404 returning from policy
 discard 9e4ac60  fix typo
 discard 2bcb3ff  keep provider URL
 discard ef72740  add birthplace
 discard 6ba4e6c  fix typo
 discard 2105f44  add square number validation for testcountry
 discard 0854f72  draft Debian package
 discard 69b369f  return backend URL when returning policy
 discard aa1f22f  support providing provider_url when downloading policy
 discard ef48964  return full array of policy providers
 discard b36737e  implement change_version transition
 discard 84a616f  add uncrustify.cfg
 discard fa9f9d0  expose policy version via rest and redux APIs
 discard 2b973f1  fix #6764
 discard 2de3c77  improve error reporting from reducer
 discard 2b2dd00  make annual policy upload limit configurable
 discard 21f5d50  include raw answer in KDF for security question key share 
 discard cc9d5f9  use POW hash when hashing security answer, also deduplicate 
 discard 8a6db94  add FIXME, fix indent
 discard 0a57a3a  move to production setting
 discard 63449e8  fix hashing of PIN entries
 discard 364dc50  return error code top-level
 discard a5c2c01  fix returning of provider url
 discard 5d0019c  enable upload status persistence
 discard d019b39  allow encryption nonce to be fixed for truth encryption to 
ensure truth upload idempotency can be detected
 discard f8d877b  partial fixes2
 discard f4acd53  free after idempotency check
 discard 99e6ed1  detect idempotency of truth uploads
 discard 0d29d0f  remove dead ps passing for truth upload
 discard db7bea8  serialize payment request for next time
 discard 05fa06a  fix tests
 discard f26b054  truth payment step needed
 discard d4eb716  truth payment step needed
 discard 91a7eff  try to fix truth upload logic: store success status, and on 
resuming possibly retry upload
 discard 748cd1a  fix truth upload resumption if payment is required
 discard d6e000a  fix pack calls
 discard 50b98c2  suspend while checking for payment
 discard fe7c461  fix pay handling
 discard 350d608  fix use after free
 discard 6ef7a1b  update-gana
 discard f5597bc  implement version check
 discard e715a2d  fix #6748
 discard a3c1a10  fix index
 discard b1adb96  remove bogus unique constraint
 discard bb6ccd8  add long polling support for payment on challenge solving
 discard 893d5b8  fix #6752
 discard 2f92dc0  fix #6572
 discard 04827aa  fix db name
 discard d5e5907  add force_payment and timeout support to reduxer
 discard e68a3fc  deduplicate code
 discard 9893706  add timeout_ms support (except for in redux logic)
 discard 79eb7d0  implement timeout_ms on server side
 discard 3f4d177  fix regex
 discard 4676c7f  implement post plugin
 discard 11e37f5  fix regex
 discard 4595f90  fix back transition
 discard 67fe596  always include HTTP status
 discard 5a6f278  note
 discard bedac41  enable add_provider also later
 discard 95c37e7  minor fixes
 discard 1cf96cf  clean up custom check logic
 discard 41197eb  fix double-free
 discard ff44b52  fix XX country spec
 discard b5b277a  revise json
 discard 584c1ca  fix RC bug
 discard 0a158066 wrong state
 discard c575b47  update state machine
 discard 78dc26b  remove bogus transitions
 discard 3c438ef  add last test
 discard afb5dcb  fix logic error
 discard 46c9777  fix logic error
 discard 5e16f3b  fix misc logic issues
 discard 4fd574c  get test to pass
 discard 43f96a3  add FIXME
 discard 114044e  fix salt
 discard 02a7ef2  note to self
 discard ce482c0  -fix leak
 discard af7f910  serialize provider_salt, too
 discard f5f19df  add additional per-challenge/truth salt to obscure answer to 
security question against brute-force attacks
 discard f445071  clean up state machine in redux
 discard 3f0ea93  fix auth
 discard 66ffbf3  fix async issue
 discard a6dcb0c  fix build issues
 discard 2921164  misc bugfixes
 discard 07c269a  misc bugfixes
 discard 73fe788  recovery test basics
 discard 2e3a22c  backup enter_secret test passes
 discard 115127d  misc bugfixes
 discard b5c7383  misc policy upload bugfixes
 discard b19fa78  update .gitignore
 discard 99a271a  del => delete
 discard 28c6e3f  fix script
 discard 313f8b9  add more checks
 discard 3f4ecbd  fix truth parsing logic
 discard e58713a  fix parse pass
 discard bd1fe3b  fix leaks
 discard 993bafd  misc fixes
 discard f057bc6  fix script
 discard c42f62c  review test script
 discard e3c2d0e  expand test
 discard 9739a21  done_auth test
 discard 010613e  use type instead of method/name
 discard 8da991b  add test for del_authentication
 discard 62bcd10  more work on backup reducer
 discard 52d4838  work on backup reduxer implementation
 discard 6bbb7c8  enhance tests
 discard 5c8469d  select country test
 discard a87fd70  switch tests to test country
 discard c7920a3  handle bogus continent selection case, improve test logic
 discard 38db393  fix shutdown logic
 discard 4f1a239  fix transition from generic to backup/recovery
 discard 3a9c8e0  fix misc minor issues
 discard 43c9b21  fix type issue
 discard c8afb50  fix input data
 discard d4ae973  improve ECs
 discard 49494b6  work on recovery reducer (WiP)
 discard 0a5af71  work on recovery reducer (WiP)
 discard dcc67e4  work on challenge selection logic in redux recovery
 discard deb6678  implement redux recovery initialization logic
 discard 70d05c5  implement redux recovery initialization logic
 discard c05599c  finish first pass over backup redux logic
 discard c69fb89  towards secret sharing upload logic
 discard 3df34e6  theoretically complete truth upload of REDUX API
 discard ce5ad77  implement 'lookup_salt()'
 discard 83a648a  implement json_to_truth
 discard 1e3e0ab  implement truth_to_json
 discard d7161e1  work on backup redux
 discard 00854a1  clean up add/del_policy
 discard 0492831  fix diversity calculation
 discard 15b5edf  fix continents loader
 discard afbefd1  implement 'add_provider' transition
 discard e1b30e7  fix warnings and linker issues
 discard 0ad2dc2  work on provider config init during backup
 discard 09beaca  implement more of /config reducer functionality
 discard 4d3cb74  eliminate redundant /salt response, fix /terms and /privacy 
replies, expose more information in /config
 discard 924d677  fix ftbfs, alas not the warnings
 discard 765267f  fix alignment warnings
 discard 24e9072  redux WIP, FTBFS
 discard 6053a3e  fix FTBFS
 discard 9b903c7  fundamental redux refactoring
 discard 5c251da  fix #6532
 discard 927145f  fix leak
 discard f299ebc  get test_anastasis to pass
 discard fd3071d  fix misc leaks and other memory issues
 discard 938871a  get test_anastasis to build
 discard ddd8b10  get test_anastasis_api to pass
 discard 13d70bb  fix leaks
 discard fcac8f5  fix misc issues
 discard 9071b88  get file-challenge-run-2 to pass
 discard bc4bd1b  misc fixes
 discard ca30d90  fix URI
 discard f6b7dac  fix pay-URI calculation
 discard 60958ee  misc. fixes
 discard 1a4803b  fix plugin unload
 discard dc18883  fix memory leak
 discard f0c8fe8  fix minor test case issues
 discard 73bcaa2  get test to build
 discard 97ada37  add missing traits
 discard 4984c5a  fix redux FTBFS
 discard 49a79aa  fix testing FTBFS
 discard 4f54b13  finish recovery deserialization logic
 discard c523a63  start with deserialization logic
 discard 707bb04  implement proper information hiding for anastasis.h API
 discard 0db1569  revise recovery logic to possibly work with payment and 
redirect challenges'
 discard 2368c23  enable payment for truth upload, misc fixes
 discard 5ed7418  fix ftbfs of testing/
 discard 92cb569  fix ftbfs of testing/
 discard f36de84  work on test library, remove obsolete logic
 discard 9fbe805  clean up truth public key vs UUID and order_id vs. payment 
secret type confusions
 discard 7afbc2f  fix tpk parsing logic
 discard fc7cdef  allow 403, valid status code
 discard 4560e8a  fix stupidity
 discard 830b9a6  use #defines for common HTTP headers
 discard 6225f04  fix tests
 discard f96a9d0  fix FTBFS of tests
 discard 94ab8f9  update statis API and service to properly generate, validate, 
rotate and expire challenges
 discard f62091a  move authorization plugins to their own directory
 discard 5464120  first rough pass over backend
 discard 545b2f4  WIP backend refactor
 discard 26016a1  make stasis plugin sane (transaction retries, status codes, 
eliminate enum confusion, remove redundant DB queries
 discard d55cd6e  -fix warning
 discard 6fbd36b  import GANA for error codes
 discard 2e67500  import GANA for error codes
 discard e3c25dc  validation logic moved
 discard 88b61b0  clean up recovery logic more, clean up crypto API
 discard 58fddb4  revise recovery API
 discard 16f8c7e  unify code to always upload hashed answers to server, even 
for PINs
 discard 287e0de  implement decompression logic
 discard 58ffc02  reorder struct
 discard 8cb9e6c  first refactor of recovery logic
 discard 39983b1  cleaner
 discard 24be8c5  work on anastasis_backup.c
 discard 3ecb525  clean up get_num_urls function
 discard 75304e6  clean up backup logic a bit more
 discard c2ed55b  revise truth upload logic to properly handle payment request
 discard 939cb27  work on ANASTASIS_truth_upload API, not finsihed
 discard c84456d  split into recovery and backup
 discard 4953dd6  clean up structure
 discard e43268e  clean up libanastasisrest
 discard 370c05c  fix child management test
 discard fea0fc4  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard af56053  import .sql files for testing reducer recovery
 discard 81ef654  worked on recovery reducer
 discard f1a6669  worked on recovery reducer
 discard 8fe7490  worked on challenge select
 discard ad2779c  fix memory leak
 discard 9446ef2  fix key share decryption
 discard 3abff00  nonces use json array
 discard 88291a3  handle fail of fetching recovery information
 discard e70b0c0  fetch recovery information
 discard 283cd4c  fix curl fini error
 discard 40e79dc  worked on reducer
 discard f28051a  visualization
 discard 529012a  reduce lookahead
 discard b1c0371  test child management
 discard 435f1da  complete test logic
 discard 20a67df  complete test logic
 discard f0d9be5  complete test logic
 discard 47d3c54  first-level clean up
 discard be10e4b  fix script
 discard c5a1dcc  debug mess
 discard 9f6b4f7  error
 discard 77b9b12  add dummy sms script
 discard 4b01c17  test not working
 discard 3626b51  errors
 discard eb6204c  auth plugins
 discard 1df2052  worked on recovery redux
 discard d2421f8  set state to CHALLENGE_SELECTING
 discard 813754d  do not generate static libs
 discard 492ff74  add test resources
 discard 2a29519  resources to contrib
 discard 8fb324e  fix payment details collection, fix callback usage
 discard 1d27a82  fix json usage
 discard b90416f  fix ftbs
 discard 470616c  dlsym the validation logic
 discard 0b79edb  fix truth serialization/deserialization
 discard 46d787e  clean up checksum logic
 discard 08737ff  fix checksum
 discard e551940  log
 discard 819ce6c  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard e111fa6  worked on re-upload after payment
 discard 06e2297  remove dead/redundant options
 discard 668b727  worked on policy upload payment
 discard 5a6f1fa  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 6815644  purge obsolte options from config
 discard 050be7c  adapt to libtalertesting API change (minor)
 discard 5cd06f9  activating implementation of #6175
 discard be8da86  fix temp config creation
 discard 63bd9bb  delete temp configs
 discard 8b0367f  fix config
 discard b22c838  fix invalid read error when calling destructor
 discard bf6a766  worked on payment...
 discard dbd2459  worked on policy upload payment
 discard fca0da2  fix policy payment url
 discard fe0d697  worked on payment
 discard 1767549  fixed compilation errors
 discard 01da612  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard eb2926b  fix secret_share_payment_cb, fix configs
 discard 81993eb  fix fail curl fini
 discard fea4522  fix
 discard 2cb6e2e  work on secret share
 discard ab42bfb  work on secret share
 discard c0e720e  set cost to zero for testing purposes...
 discard 235bf5a  added return value to ANASTASIS_challenge_answer
 discard ad50c20  new API
 discard d069710  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard ea45356  new API
 discard 794f3c7  email plugin
 discard d728e26  add command-line options to allow anastasis to authenticate 
against merchant backend
 discard 0ead261  do not delete test ressources
 discard 8b464da  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 07a8f4c  fix cleanup sequence
 discard fe53da5  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 934fe03  add logic to run recovery abort after all other cleanups
 discard e30251d  work on rec doc upload
 discard 634db2b  work on rec doc upload
 discard f6a9ade  worked on recovery upload
 discard e303fb5  fix
 discard f9c3469  fix
 discard 3f7c3b8  worked on rec doc upload
 discard 62170bf  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 98339a2  fix
 discard c21a333  client library update and tests
 discard 0d9dbd5  work on rec doc upload
 discard eea4fd2  worked on rec doc upload
 discard 25da8a0  fix
 discard fc1c24b  worked on rec doc upload
 discard 8805d19  fix cleanup
 discard 56af39d  worked on truth upload
 discard 4b38cd2  worked on truth upload
 discard c5945b0  fix truths initialization
 discard 31c7b94  errors and warnings
 discard eff66d0  reducer testing
 discard ee84848  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard aa804c8  API test fix
 discard b7c042e  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 6dc1bbb  payment
 discard e932aec  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard edb7bdc  indent
 discard c71a96f  payment
 discard c46164b  errors
 discard 265b244  merge
 discard a1490e9  payment backend and errors
 discard 1a5d3df  fix anastasis API test
 discard fe36c52  fix order id generation
 discard 631d9af  os fix
 discard e79f32b  fix anastasis-config
 discard 9c43d4f  fix anastasis-config
 discard e2e4446  fix config
 discard ee41ce2  fix plugin build
 discard 287ca3a  fix plugin build
 discard d83c2aa  fix anastasis.conf
 discard 9b2d83f  unset XDG
 discard c6669ab  payment backend
 discard b656a23  db reorg and comments
 discard c46f696  work on payment
 discard ffb54c5  errors
 discard 9ad9564  work on payment service
 discard 5f18ee4  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 9fbcdb9  fix ahv validation
 discard 47f6f14  testing user attributes collection
 discard c9fa610  redux - testing country selection
 discard ef66859  redux - test continent selection
 discard 3bce1f8  fix return value from main() when run with -h/-v
 discard 4ed7e40  dennis changes
 discard 9402ff9  update error codes
 discard e616060  abstract
 discard b030cbe  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard e6f64b2  starting point for application
 discard eb4a3aa  fix db, fix reducer
 discard 411374e  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard f7e2529  move SQL table creation/destruction into resource files and 
enable GNUnet-style SQL versioning
 discard d159724  fix policy generation logic
 discard 2759c29  allow missing detail
 discard ff17f55  fix error handling -- for one case
 discard 2f80c33  more test logic
 discard cd16958  test script
 discard d5b817f  fix out
 discard 35845ae  fix FTBFS
 discard bc0225d  work on truth upload
 discard 2604eaa  initialize truths
 discard df5de8f  reducer - worked on payment/upload
 discard dd798cc  reducer - better error handling
 discard 685b531  description
 discard e412d24  add insurance to config
 discard d795aef  fix ahv validation
 discard f4986cd  ahv number validation function
 discard e329f11  add_policy
 discard b999774  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard b24d895  fix
 discard 48e6c1d  update to match merchant API change
 discard f0fc345  API rename in merchant
 discard 1f55bc5  added appendices
 discard 6f7d7c3  merge
 discard d83454e  fix reducer cli
 discard ad92efe  added section
 discard 098c5cd  Authorisation plugin and testing
 discard 1ed1642  merge
 discard 33166ca  backend plugin and fixes in test
 discard 69bc407  fix reducer state enums
 discard e47001e  fix FTBS, fix memory leak, remove '= NULL' after GNUNET_free 
 discard 5164474  sketch
 discard 8d535af  authorisation plugin
 discard 6b44740  merge
 discard 9cb20b6  plugin backend
 discard f957ce3  fix memory leaks
 discard 3783a72  fix leak
 discard 7062901  merge
 discard 319cbe9  merge
 discard 1ba736f  fix memory leaks
 discard 281eb08  fix memory leaks
 discard a6ef5c5  fix spelling mistakes
 discard e5f2460  reduce code reuse
 discard 3a30ce3  fix strncpy warnings
 discard cad451f  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard 5968c0f  fix memory leaks (db test)
 discard cf01957  fix warnings
 discard a2a2379  fix memory leak in stasis, cleanup
 discard ae8f92a  update .gitignore
 discard b516f2c  fix unused
 discard a20b575  fix FTBFS, better name for redux_cancel function
 discard 8251c41  fix redux cli logic
 discard 15c935e  kill obsolete CLI tools
 discard 979f131  clean up payment secret/order ID  duplication in transmission
 discard ac46433  fix ftbfs
 discard dded19a  fix ftbfs
 discard fe3e8e6  potential
 discard b830647  potential
 discard 661b217  potential
 discard 5c078e3  potential
 discard 0804079  authors
 discard 3c90513  writing
 discard 4f3e5c6  English
 discard 7074854  userid
 discard 7c626a5  team
 discard bbd4d9a  document plugin
 discard 7f173bd  toc refactor
 discard 146f081  clarify
 discard 814e05a  fix build
 discard 3c30605  merged with dennis edits
 discard 18857ff  errors and plugin
 discard c991b80  reworked keyshare lookup
 discard ed2ce87  fix loop
 discard 546bd10  fix enum
 discard b011c67  pass ctx as argument
 discard fe988cb  rework anastasis-cli-redux to support redirections
 discard ef97f48  edit vector graphics
 discard 51a75d2  wrap includegraphics
 discard 3a10338  ypsomed created vector graphics
 discard d2d42ed  ypsomed created vector graphics
 discard fbaa744  ypsomed svg
 discard 7c9704a  crash fixes
 discard cc43297  fix FTBFS
 discard 4a11769  fix
 discard a17fb8b  fix merge conflict
 discard 07cabf7  fix
 discard 234feb8  async state management
 discard 121d236  async state management
 discard 10e525a  async state management
 discard 7084d6a  async state management
 discard 7d43047  async state management
 discard f2361a9  fix
 discard a42cf50  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard b417535  fix stringify
 discard 51dfaef  async state management
 discard e2e51c8  missing hdr
 discard 7ae4490  refactoring
 discard 562e382  fixing misc warnings
 discard 9ea122b  fix handler context usage'
 discard d9dbf48  backend work
 discard 492cc2b  fix
 discard 3578441  fix
 discard 6c17e73  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard d93f5cf  fix
 discard 0438b95  fix
 discard 7f2f9e7  backend work
 discard da8b7f6  fix method deletion
 discard 51e511c  fix method deletion
 discard 72b2e93  fix config api request
 discard 94b4bd9  fix config request
 discard 829c1ab  move config request to reducer
 discard 1586ccd  rework add_authentication
 discard 5afb68f  enumerate states
 discard bed5c82  fix
 discard 644a9f0  fix changing continent
 discard eb4d305  fix
 discard 525c82e  fix
 discard ba4c24b  fixes
 discard 5433de1  fixes
 discard f4aa746  force
 discard d7da4b1  fun for Dennis
 discard eda5844  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard afb1e86  fix
 discard d64a403  uncrustify
 discard a30f00e  worked on backend truth payment db fixes
 discard b267b76  first draft
 discard a7dd178  fix
 discard 908d84c  fix
 discard 0c365a4  added key gen illustration
 discard cbada37  bibliothek
 discard 2fc5da9  small fix
 discard d5ae369  mod ypsomed draft
 discard 23c84bc  ypsomed draft
 discard 40e7b10  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard 1c29911  work on initial policy
 discard 212384e  mod/fix config api
 discard 9a3996b  modified config api
 discard e0c39ed  db changes payment
 discard a365aad  refactoring
 discard 0a17e70  refactoring
 discard 713dc28  fix json
 discard 2381d93  modified authencation add action
 discard ce4e845  fix action
 discard 8c1e523  add_authentication action
 discard ee7836d  added sample provider list
 discard 3095a88  removed required flag
 discard 2545fa5  modified reducer
 discard 8a3872f  modified reducer to return UserAttributesAddedState
 discard b142cb6  modified redux.*.json
 discard 5e3ee12  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard 5f1deaf  fix country selection
 discard ca0ae3d  add select country
 discard aa001ce  fixed db test
 discard eea6088  fixed json array loop
 discard e63ed67  worked on select country
 discard 1e8843f  fix linker problem
 discard bcdd658  fix include
 discard a7d37bf  merge
 discard 514a95b  fixed anastasis-reducer to return init state
 discard 09f7a55  work on backup redux
 discard 74ca69c  work on backup redux
 discard 3e1fd2b  small fix indent
 discard 09977c9  work on reducer cli
 discard 1e3923c  options for reducer cli
 discard 68694e1  added authentication backend logic
 discard b002a8e  work on reducer
 discard e97f6d4  worked on redux
 discard 947b17d  moved json files
 discard b4ab6fa  moved json files
 discard 1c6270b  move to contrib later
 discard 3aaa133  add files
 discard 6e07580  versioning
 discard 819cff1  added API name
 discard 4bb0e52  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard 217a62b  fix
 discard 7eaa5e3  remark on EC
 discard 44b4e5a  wild truth authorization plugin hacking -- untested
 discard c1cd716  added descriptions
 discard 5c4777d  fix
 discard 13d8061  fix
 discard a904825  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard 1dc4b8e  rework de-/serialization
 discard a9b6e8f  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard 7b09345  indentation fix
 discard c19d64f  added challenge state
 discard 865210b  fix
 discard 32a41d7  started with wrapper for de-/serialization
 discard c9b8f98  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard df92c37  fixed some payment issues
 discard 7025139  added template
 discard 641806d  updated bridge doc
 discard cfa008e  added prepared statement
 discard f02d0fb  fix issue with payment identifier
 discard bc90519  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard 4d530fd  fix some payment logic
 discard c955643  better debugging message
 discard 9b19a4d  fixed Makefile (because error with gtk)
 discard fb99888  fix linker invocation
 discard 57b4438  fix test config file to work with 'make check'
 discard a6a7528  fix variable
 discard 4ceb2e0  config file for anastasis-httpd and merchant-httpd to test cli
 discard d40d08d  fixed taler error codes
 discard 27b42bf  fix payment secret issue
 discard c7c0147  fix conditional jump on unintiaksed value
 discard 658dc77  Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into 
 discard e269eae  small fix for payment during policy upload
 discard d069a9f  bridge editing
 discard 9784812  edited version
 discard f2e8388  deleted helper
 discard aee07d5  fixed cli splitter
 discard 9de107d  fix loop logic
 discard c463b9b  fix index
 discard e25bd2a  fixed ugly thing
 discard 7281285  fix crash when server url is not given with command 'server 
 discard a1fc602  fixed solved sign issue in cli assembler
 discard 65833e2  fixed tests
 discard 3141447  TALER_MERCHANT_orders_post2 against claim token (not working 
 discard faa944d  fixed PowSalt
 discard 0ec8d21  fix api test
 discard 8b5083a  fix api test
 discard 5a4a7c0  fixed salt issue with GNUNET_CRYPTO_pow_hash
 discard b96fa45  fixed some dependencies in testing
 discard 2ee1034  fixed error with GNUNET_CRYPTO_pow_hash
 discard c329ef6  fixed Anastasis to build, testing fails
 discard 8a9e100  worked on dependency-fix
 discard a735150  adapt to GNUnet API change
 discard d2d70d7  edits adjustments typo's
 discard 7d8028a  fix
 discard 5f19ae7  fixed support for multiple provider in splitter
 discard 5ee4f22  fixed merge issues
 discard e5ce180  merge
 discard f2cd15b  some fixes
 discard 6237f82  last uuid fixes
 discard ef50f36  fixed tests without uuid
 discard ae580d9  uuid remove
 discard 84d9970  uuid
 discard 0aa4ad0  deleted odp-file
 discard 43d00be  fixed compiler warnings
 discard 1f09d16  fixed compiler warnings in assembler
 discard 6cb82fd  deleted unused functions
 discard b5753eb  fixed incompatible argument warning
 discard f9274d4  deleted unused variable
 discard a415a2f  fixed latex issues (corrupt pdf, figure double link)
 discard 8358d18  fixed presentation for 'verteidigung'
 discard 192f991  modified presentation - powerpoint to impress conversion...
 discard 3735e23  initial work on presentation for 'Verteidigung'
 discard d9cb62f  minimized usage of GNUNET_CRYPTO_pow_hash
 discard eee0f7d  fixed cost calculation with different currencies
 discard 0ba0a03  fix currency, cost - assembler
 discard d200765  json_unpack -> GNUNET_JSON_parse
 discard 0981886  challenge array fix
 discard fc65358  fix recovery document upload without previoushash problem
 discard 99235ad  fixed core secret assembling - cli
 discard 13c45fc  worked on assembler cli command 'answer'
 discard 7efae46  worked on assembler cli command 'answer'
 discard 7c97842  worked on cli assembler 'answer'
 discard 6d97014  worked on cli assembler command 'policies'
 discard a74c1a5  worked on cli assembler command 'truth'
 discard fe53e52  worked on cli assembler
 discard 041ea16  handling for zero cost
 discard dadd427  fix figure label
 discard a92c5ab  removed selbst fixed import
 discard 4bc0d8c  added thesis
 discard b029c8b  title
 discard 967517b  last changes?
 discard b3fdf3b  rework
 discard aa4b700  minor fix
 discard 6ce05fd  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 3aa39ed  fixed db scheme
 discard 943a336  newpage
 discard 2865e9b  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 369e16e  reference eddsa
 discard 473bc85  minor fixes
 discard 9396a77  small fix
 discard 8956bc0  reference aes
 discard 9faa3a6  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 2d113dd  reference to web of trust, taler
 discard 9e7b076  journal
 discard 069ff23  fix: identify -> identity
 discard 393d64a  small fix - removed 'of'
 discard 1349fef  added pdf selbst_dennis.pdf
 discard 2184cc7  admin
 discard 009cbb9  indent
 discard b84bb6d  consistence upper/lower case
 discard b4c170c  consistence upper/lower case
 discard bfc57d0  moved glossary
 discard b044f0c  cap
 discard 46082ee  English
 discard 2cd8c2a  restructure
 discard b9f175e  restructured
 discard 71de3c1  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 6813baf  combined sections of key derivations...
 discard 182ca5e  simplify
 discard 815677f  typo
 discard 2976e65  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 05faf18  H to Figure
 discard c9387f0  no cap
 discard 157cea9  shuffle
 discard 653cdfb  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard 142a290  rewrite recovery document
 discard 058926b  draws
 discard 19a40ca  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard bfba34b  identifier -> user attributes
 discard b0e1e53  rework
 discard 770e885  subset
 discard 31d2b7a  narrow
 discard b5a0931  user identifier == kdf id
 discard 20ccf9e  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard f957af2  reference AHV
 discard f344ccf  new subsection
 discard f36a46f  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard 5ee91df  new /truth text in design
 discard d1bc35e  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard fb88bfb  reference to FSF
 discard a49dea1  delete uuid
 discard a69ad7f  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard ad7a009  moved glossary to document end
 discard 77fe053  fixes
 discard 194d108  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 7cf406f  modified crypto API
 discard e312538  rest
 discard cbe39a6  authenticity discussion
 discard d5a7485  authenticity discussion
 discard f2e2309  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard 747c486  authenticity discussion
 discard f6f97dc  sorted glossary alphabetically
 discard 4d641c2  signing keys in glossary
 discard ab06c65  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard 234a380  legend
 discard cc603f7  modified truth_anastasis.png
 discard 6a2818f  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard 2ace25a  text
 discard c0c39ae  modified truth_anastasis.png
 discard 4260b60  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard ea121cd  new figure
 discard d50f4c1  truth signing
 discard 8225ae5  added expert to acknowledgement
 discard 74ae5fb  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 453e714  some fixes
 discard 76a83d3  figure list at the beginning
 discard 7ffaa3b  journal cleaning
 discard 4f95749  do not repeat title slide
 discard 6fd4668  do not repeat title slide
 discard c029d9a  misc minor edits
 discard 2a4bdb6  major fixme
 discard 598e40c  capitalize Figure when refering to Figure X
 discard 483c25c  more generated files in Git, grrr
 discard 9354c1b  assumptions are a bad thing, support for scenarios is a good 
 discard 453ff5f  rename escrow method
 discard 120afc3  journal
 discard 01c81b8  journal
 discard 2f1f532  rest api fix
 discard 2538679  overwork...
 discard 95a765b  rename truth_method -> authentication_method
 discard 42c7f1a  missed cite
 discard 5385ccb   test fix
 discard 1ec9aa1  film: decreased fps from 30 to 18 because of size
 discard 21453a7  added film
 discard 6988dc6  Added explaination of keys illustration
 discard d554302  corrected legend
 discard 641e026  included graphics keys_anastasis and legend in design.tex
 discard 74f2d94  legend for keys illustration
 discard ecaf870  upload illustration - keys
 discard fb7fc68  fix token
 discard 48e8fe1  fix token
 discard 7d63fbc  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 3dbc7bd  images server_api and client_api
 discard 0f06a7c  glossary
 discard 438da0a  fixed pEp in Book
 discard 8db4b02  fix
 discard 1bd95fe  some fixes: \begin{description} etc
 discard 44b0340  _handle -> _handler
 discard 250540a  some fixes
 discard ab88ece  fix table list
 discard 93576ba  fix table list
 discard 2e809a5  no tables
 discard 20cf508  misc edits all over the place
 discard c2b0e52  restructure design vs implementation
 discard 7691157  restructure design vs implementation
 discard db4e6e7  work on design, client architecture and implementation texts
 discard 932993d  revise server architecture text
 discard af0dc29  indentation only
 discard 1a4e5c0  no generated files in Git
 discard 10334d8  count
 discard 5a9cf2a  restructure design chapter (high-level)
 discard 46bcc29  related work edits
 discard e34dd2c  clean up project management
 discard 920e194  polish introduction
 discard 3c18646  start abstract with thesis statement, rewrite to be a bit 
more pushy
 discard 5da2d60  dos2unix
 discard 8746b82  genreated, no git
 discard 42c0e26  ack and abstract not in TOC
 discard a62e544  ack after abstract, abstract not in TOC
 discard 3f2ec37  fix FTBFS
 discard 8719353  fix
 discard 24dc700  fix sections
 discard 7f2c176  fix
 discard 9b453ae  fix
 discard 978a05f  merge
 discard 92df508  fix
 discard 3994c09  modified related work
 discard 7b220c5  spellchecker
 discard f8af1ac  spellchecker
 discard 13042a4  fixed related work - sections
 discard a36eedb  fixed cli
 discard 2dc2766  client architecture
 discard 0a5091a  worked on introduction
 discard e7a99c0  related work - PRF and PRG one section
 discard a5ca501  worked on introduction
 discard 0f70355  worked on introduction
 discard 11e30e3  merge
 discard 50a8a0c  merge
 discard 23d6287  different fixes
 discard d647c0b  worked on introduction
 discard 3640635  fix book
 discard 37c01e1  modified book
 discard 9c29c12  modified poster
 discard 7b417b4  initial work on introduction
 discard 64df093  hyperref fix
 discard bb8ecfd  small fixes
 discard b5ab0bc  merge
 discard b305b99  project mangagement, work journal
 discard 8cdc8e0  gitignore
 discard cd31c69  merge
 discard 9d85d00  merge
 discard 0d57648  modified related work
 discard c6639f8  fixed some images ack draft
 discard 738ae70  do not Git generated files
 discard 1d6d94e  add pres
 discard 8213e25  worked on authentication part - related work
 discard e88ba2c  modified related work
 discard de113f6  modified related work
 discard 82b8a53  small fix
 discard 22509e9  merge
 discard a35480f  some fixes
 discard 587f55e  minor fixes
 discard 969bc0b  implementation fix business start conclusion
 discard c0fdc96  modified related work
 discard 5a78249  small fixes to poster
 discard a4914d4  small fixes
 discard 7727711  related work
 discard 0ea337b  worked on related work - thesis
 discard 4c4824f  worked on related work - hash functions
 discard 1e979a1  tables/figures business model, appendix
 discard 98f311b  Abstract before ToC
 discard 22b5d63  modified book abstract - FIXME: p[]p industrial partner...
 discard ee2f7ca  modified poster
 discard 82b4847  Fixme: User identifier shall be derived once, not every time 
when uploading a truth!
 discard dd02d5e  added sd
 discard 3b62a89  added book abstract
 discard 9d4520f  merge
 discard 68edba2  modified poster
 discard 614cc45  thesis documentation
 discard 8547337  merge
 discard 0ea7c6e  worked on poster
 discard 1ef8c4f  some answers
 discard 9f3c075  system design documentation
 discard c4c54a9  add legal check doc (via Vaish)
 discard 950f684  thesis structure
 discard 84834f6  finance
 discard 61f2372  worked on wireframes (with Pencil)
 discard bd66755  worked on splitter....
 discard 8050b81  worked on splitter
 discard 445ff4d  worked on splitter...
 discard 6a8d070  worked on splitter
 discard 096d7fa  fixed config api
 discard f6eeec7  work on assembler
 discard 2cbec9e  fix
 discard 3dbeb64  ERROR: ...undefined reference to 'ANASTASIS_get_config'
 discard 40949e3  repaired loop and parsing...
 discard c5f1bf0  added professional presentation
 discard 646d607  added api for config
 discard 22b01fd  worked on splitter
 discard e04be72  pitch video
 discard aa0b6a9  getline -> readline
 discard 3275a95  worked on splitter
 discard bdf42ed  worked on splitter
 discard df8ad9d  added truthstorestate
 discard b727c2f  added /terms rest api
 discard a28fbc6  prepared command line tool (anastasis-assembler)
 discard ebf608f  added import option
 discard 2832a2e  added more options for keyboard input
 discard 2454d97  prepared command line input reading
 discard a5be1d4  force user to provide user details
 discard 435cff2  cmd waiting for input
 discard 92edf5d  initial work on command line tool
 discard 79ae2fe  created file for command line tool
 discard c280222  correction recovery information -> core secret
 discard 11b744e  improve overview diagram
 discard 2379b43  fix footer line
 discard 88a51f6  overview diagram
 discard cf8800b  fixed recovery test
 discard c90daf8  reworked
 discard a39a6f0  added pictures
 discard d48d69a  export
 discard 7e5de56  modified db schema
 discard edf079e  created system-architecture graphic
 discard 29c5082  added pictures
 discard 2d60370  modified graphics
 discard 13b7f46  pres
 discard fd6963d  pres
 discard 1f681d0  fix challenge allocation
 discard 1a3d603  created illustrations for pitch
 discard 1f40b7e  recovery test
 discard b4cc740  recovery test
 discard 4529f7a  minor edits to business presentation
 discard b2eb6dd  added salt
 discard 63476e1  pointer fix
 discard 30a2f0a  fixed json unpack error
 discard 1863950  fixed json unpack error
 discard e5187fd  fixed compiler warning
 discard 84059c0  fixed secret share testing
 discard f2a335a  uncrustify
 discard 347228e  worked on anastasis errors
 discard 887abc9  Fixed compiler warnings
 discard 989ce2c  merge
 discard bb727bf  fixed uuid issue
 discard 162afbe  prepared recover test
 discard b759cff  core secret trait
 discard 8ece31b  fix uuids in policy struct
 discard c9cfd8b  fix truths in policy struct
 discard 2a0f180  Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
 discard 9057dde  worked on secret share
 discard 0138994  playing with pointers...
 discard 75e2deb  testing anastasis recovery
 discard dfd6e2a  worked on anastasis.c secret share
 discard 7eb4b24  warnings and changes
 discard 6ae838f  fix
 discard 23887ac  modified testing cmd secret_share
 discard 88ea9e2  modified testing cmd secret_share
 discard f1b3eb4  modified testing cmd secret_share
 discard 423c8ae  challenge lookup
 discard d0a484e  fixed truth array problems
 discard c21e046  Some error fixes
 discard 649e611  worked on testing policy creation
 discard 0c41437  modified Makefile
 discard 0050236  created policy trait
 discard bd2fab0  Initial work on testing policy creation
 discard 5356b54  fixed http server not shutting down
 discard e9c7c44  big O to small o, json_pack
 discard b1fe803  modified truth trait
 discard 71fec95  changed user identifier derivation to use 
 discard ac3b957  changed user identifier derivation to use 
 discard 06095a1  deleted salt cb etc. from anastasis.c
 discard 3f49bd9  json_dumps with JSON_COMPACT and JSON_SORT_KEYS
 discard a5b4c84  fix
 discard f2f380e  FIXME
 discard 7737a00  keyshare lookup
 discard d87884d  solved salt request timing issue
 discard a5ca68b  worked on salt trait
 discard f7c3eac  fixed json
 discard dfff2c2  worked on anastasis.c and testing
 discard c2df06c  worked on testing truth upload (anastasis.c)
 discard 10f273c  worked on testing anastasis.c (truth upload)
 discard c29ecf1  worked on testing anastasis.c
 discard ccdfb79  Modified TruthUpload
 discard 1a3fec2  added json and callback
 discard 432c38c  packed structs in crypto lib
 discard 220e6b8  fix json_pack
 discard 246d6de  fixed salt api
 discard 6d32893  modified salt api
 discard 5eac11c  const in decryption routine
 discard 56347c7  ANASTASIS_CRYPTO_Iv set to 16 Byte length
 discard 0ab008c  ANASTASIS_CRYPTO_Iv set to 16 Byte length
 discard bdcc0d5  optimized error handling in anastasis_crypto
 discard 0ca921b  small fixes
 discard caf935f  if defined debug for scrypt
 discard 7568bfc  modified makefile
 discard 0d66dc2  begone, evil code
 discard 754d2ef  use const
 discard 06f0fe9  fix
 discard e6893e7  short work on anstasis recovery
 discard 53df5eb  secret share process
 discard 762c0d6  initial work on testing anastasis.c
 discard a48ad99  modified debugging logs
 discard 91c211b  .gitignore valgrind txt
 discard 0464d49  worked on keyshare lookup api
 discard 451fa42  corrected truth key creation in api test
 discard c0aaeaa  fixed warnings fixed json in anastasis.c
 discard 8b8385b  fixed warnings fixed json in anastasis.c
 discard dcefd8e  worked on keyshare api, currently failing on decryption of 
encrypted truth from db (checktag fails)
 discard 5e23bd3  worked on keyshare api
 discard 584f35c  fixed uuid issue
 discard 72e3029  modified salt request again :D
 discard 0cd1c2b  modified salt request
 discard 11184cc  indents
 discard c0417fb  fix array
 discard 425f9e3  gnunet free
 discard 8503982  fixed some warnings
 discard 0edea08  fixed salt api test
 discard d59ff3f  worked on anastasis.c
 discard 674888a  truthupload and other fixes
 discard d1fea84  deleted hash from truth upload
 discard 283d700  deleted aes_gcm_tag and nonce from truth: encrypted_truth 
contains them
 discard f3d5abe  worked on salt api testing
 discard bd7a177  worked on salt api
 discard 0589aeb  fix api test
 discard b6245af  moved json construction to test cmd
 discard 039678d  merge
 discard b580d7c  merge
 discard 9ccfb81  fixed api test
 discard 8b13d9c  worked on policy creation
 discard 6efcc27  adapations to GNUnet API change
 discard 88cd6ec  db fix
 discard f3dff0f  kill truth hash, use varsize (json)
 discard d79dfb1  make code compile without warnings against latest 
libmicrohttpd API
 discard f435cc3  worked on client api
 discard 5fafda8  worked on truth upload
 discard 59129aa  modified truth upload
 discard 009658d  adaptations for signing API change in GNUnet (#6164)
 discard 529a3db  log
 discard 749b0ca  fixed policy-store-2 test
 discard ca6fa36  merge
 discard 3b4bd7e  db
 discard 220fab1  fixed loop
 discard fb30bb5  adapt to latest merchant API
 discard 00457bb  fix not initialized variable
 discard b1516d6  changed shutdown routine
 discard 6a9f341  fix segv
 discard bd8144f  fix log, bypass uninit hc case
 discard b0ae5a0  use GNUNET for abs time PQ handling as we do not want to have 
to round the timestaps
 discard 120ebda  init config
 discard 344627e  typo
 discard 99785cf  indentations
 discard 70e5468  more config fixes
 discard 92baa82  fix config
 discard 711c248  conservatively use strtok_r
 discard a4c60d9  fix for api test (didn't start before, not passing yet)
 discard a4323c2  renaming, indent
 discard 0f3744a  Modified to include crypto header
 discard 53809c3  Modified
 discard ab4bc34  indentation
 discard b083002  fix warning
 discard ef4dc70  worked on pub key derivation test
 discard f131592  Testing of core secret enc-/decryption
 discard 487c68a  worked on core secret encryption test
 discard ce39225  testing of keyshare-creation
 discard 4ff80e1  modified keyshare enc/dec
 discard 83cff6a  created new data structures, eliminated memcpy usage
 discard 7e332f6  renaming
 discard fc648b2  GNUNET_malloc() in core_secret_encrypt/recover
 discard 5397641  PolicyKey to hash
 discard 020b4d1  const char*...
 discard dd12182  modified policy key derivation
 discard a4d5bf6  private key derivation
 discard f8e2ee5  GNUNET_free() to free()...
 discard 10939ad  sizeof to strlen...
 discard 3e4cbc1  changed msec to key, added key_len
 discard 9612023  worked on crypto
 discard 4495d50  small commit for anastasis.h and c
 discard e25acf9  refactor truth key and includes
 discard 40717cf  refactor account pub
 discard 563a494  fix encrypt
 discard e8934c7  fix encrypt
 discard c93e81f  dox
 discard 3edb76e  indent
 discard e7f810f  polish encrypt a bit
 discard eb1e2ab  fix checks'
 discard daf591b  worked on core secret decryption
 discard 004cde0  worked on core secret encryption
 discard 692ef24  worked on poliy key derivation
 discard 363dbf3  merge
 discard fc8f736  worked on eddsa priv/pub key derivation
 discard 28825d7  error fixed name dup
 discard fc6cb9f  anastasis header created
 discard a1e290c  merge
 discard 5ab9ede  Learned something about json_t and sizeof()...
 discard da080ef  minor style fixes
 discard 508a4f4  Fix crypto test
 discard 5e7ce5d  Fixed testing problem
 discard 62c786d  worked on keyshare enc-/decryption
 discard 5abbf4a  modified decryption method
 discard 7dc949a  modified encryption method
 discard 8c670ea  added check of aes_tag to erd decryption
 discard f95a6c6  code optimization in recovery document encryption
 discard c173acc  fixed test of erd en-/decryption
 discard b3cde6e  Deleted stupid failure (const)
 discard 5d73951  cleanup...
 discard a6e3eb8  encryption and decryption of erd now working, but some 
strange behaviour in test: see PLAINTEXT_AFTER(int) and PLAINTEXT_AFTER(ext) in 
Log after make check
 discard a090c1f  used TALER_B2S for debugging
 discard 26a665a  added assertions
 discard f6fa7a5  added assertions
 discard 1a71411  GNUNET_free() problem :D
 discard be89c9f  worked on crypto library
 discard 703568f  testing crypto...
 discard fb7e249  Initial testing of crypto
 discard 60865a8  ERD decryption
 discard a49b0eb  ERD encryption
 discard ef2d157  Worked on crypto lib
 discard 29eabb3  worked on crypto lib
 discard 3c308d9  worked on crypto implementation (obviously with errors :D))
 discard 76e93c0  adjusted header
 discard b60bdb3  fix config
 discard ed9df10  terminate HTTP client event loop
 discard 8a57a7e  np
 discard 3738154  fix ftbfs
 discard 00b20e9  use paths for libraries of this project to be found during 
 discard 85dac6d  yes
 discard b263e4b  fix ftbfs
 discard aa9406d  crypto library work
 discard 39b9553  configuration file adaptations in the context of #6123
 discard 754cdde  Modified config files
 discard e7d14b0  refactor to latest libgnunetcurl
 discard 7c389e9  cite's related work business model
 discard 5186487  make thesis drafty
 discard 8786fce  Deleted Dennis :D
 discard d7e6d7b  Modified budget plan
 discard 6b56973  Modified BRIDGE-Project description
 discard e71e22b  Modified BRIDGE-Project description
 discard 125b726  Corrected BRIDGE-Project description
 discard 2fbdefb  Finished BRIDGE-Project description
 discard ace166a  Added authentication methods - bridge
 discard 100fd8e  worked on related work - secret sharing - bridge
 discard 65a9902  Adapted bridge doc
 discard b578d97  some work on bridge: shamir's secret sharing (related work)
 discard 3118822  fix ftbfs
 discard 470ec6c  bridge doc and design
 discard 7fc0ab5  Fixed db-test, api-test not working
 discard 56769f2  Fixed warnings during compilation
 discard b21998e  Fixed some warnings
 discard f9bd724  worked on related work - thesis
 discard 899ee3d  added workjournal
 discard 1bb584a  worked on business plan and abstract - thesis
 discard 07fc146  worked on business plan and abstract - thesis
 discard 2227934  structure and draft for bridge (not finished draft)
 discard 1928e55  added template
 discard c215bc0  minor fixes
 discard 91f25b1  gin
 discard bc1edda  Adapted changes from sync
 discard 1761bde  Next steps
 discard 7c7cd44  use correct template
 discard 76b90f8  bridge template
 discard f8486c8  added links
 discard e792176  typo
 discard bae3a88  update text
 discard d8c0900  added web page
 discard fc58ba2  fix FTBFS
 discard e12891c  vaish intro
 discard b536066  presentation typos
 discard 06a45a4  other TM
 discard fad2277  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard e4198f7  nana revision
 discard 9d2c7b1  map
 discard bd3f531  Resized logos
 discard a192693  xxx
 discard 1424136  contact
 discard e6c7582  pres
 discard 96838f6  nana suggestions
 discard ffd2133  nana suggestion
 discard 3fadd06  business
 discard 75ea0ca  nana comments
 discard 2cec6c7  text
 discard 98eed9d  Worked on policy upload. Still not working...
 discard a36e1c3  merge
 discard 33a2966  Worked on policy upload. Payment is working, uploading 
afterwards not...
 discard 58bb9c1  worked on truth upload api
 discard e0e6395  work on proposal
 discard 7346322  Worked on truth api
 discard 04d44a6  granting
 discard 7c488d1  Merge, worked on payment testing (policy upload)
 discard 4ed17d2  Worked on payment for policy upload
 discard b43c8f6  conflict? this file is generated
 discard 9084f9e  add requirements
 discard cac96d7  worked on implemenation truth up/download
 discard 0731c0b  uncrustify
 discard d235037  implemented truth store
 discard 7b433f5  added truth api
 discard 3314870  comments / fixes
 discard 673a9dc  Merged
 discard 43f5500  Merged
 discard 127b3c9  Worked on uploading truth
 discard 62e9415  crypto header added truth
 discard 86e1c27  Worked on truth upload
 discard fc3ba36  Worked on escrow challenge
 discard 800f8a1  Worked on escrow challenge
 discard 12b1eb4  Worked on escrow challenge
 discard b4c76be  Modified db table anastasis_truth
 discard d7bdda5  Worked on truth upload
 discard 2099054  Added testing command for policy lookup
 discard 3b8bf38  Merge
 discard 0037ef6  Deleted debug code...
 discard 1428b4a  Merged with master
 discard 3525237  Corrected issue with getting new order_id from merchant. 
Payment still not working.
 discard 0992b47  comments
 discard 839eb51  Pulled crypto lib
 discard 63d0369  Played with payment: Not able to give own payment 
 discard 789e02c  worked on library
 discard 32e0b8c  Added Policy GET handling
 discard 0242bee  Modified .gitignore
 discard 50958d4  Deleted signkeys etc. from repository
 discard 70094a0  fixed untracked files
 discard 3e8e520  Modified .gitignore
 discard c747e06  Fixed some issues. API Test still not working: HTTP-Status 
402 (payment required) needs to be resolved
 discard 1b7dbc7  Solved some silly pointer issues. API Test still not running: 
Unexpected response code 0...
 discard 7f5c0d7  Modified .gitignore
 discard eb88f54  Fixed some issues. API test not working...
 discard 7376ecc  fix makefile
 discard ce9695b  Fixed fun for dennis. Still strange error with launching 
 discard a959e28  fun for Dennis
 discard a8ab046  Deleted prev_hash
 discard 4594410  ignore
 discard 737e342  fix account sig
 discard 37a59e3  hdr
 discard 65c7314  fix test
 discard ea59ea3  fix build
 discard 8329cb6  Worked on test. Not working...
 discard dbb7af4  gitignore exchange live-keys
 discard c158b47  worked on server
 discard b654890  worked on api/testing
 discard c72f9c2  worked on api
 discard 707883c  fixed anastasis-dbinit plugin error
 discard 03cf3a3  handle of merge conflict
 discard acda1ff  handle merge conflict with test_anastasis_api.c
 discard 4ccc146  ignore
 discard 5afe928  Fixed warning
 discard 9fdc1c7  adjust scope
 discard 9eab2e9  simplify backend via libtalermhd
 discard 61fb789  use more of libtalermhd
 discard 287cb14  fix build system, use libtalermhd to reduce code
 discard 37e7046  Testing engine runs without errors know. Just initial tests 
copied from merchant...
 discard 9a6885d  Test engine working now, but fails
 discard 1a57862  Worked on testing the api. Tests not functioning yet
 discard ddae816  fix warnings
 discard ef178f9  Worked on policy handling
 discard 8a9996d  Worked on policy handler
 discard de0e3a0  Worked on policy get handler
 discard 0a57d9f  Worked on policy API
 discard f004fc9  Worked on policy post api
 discard 5a76696  Initial work on client code
 discard 97786f3  Initial work on client code
 discard ea5824d  response generation
 discard c9c46b9  parse
 discard bf1e9d7  uncrustify
 discard 4067f14  work on webserver
 discard 509718f  gitignore
 discard 877e10b  Initial work on backend
 discard 6240254  Initial work on policy handler
 discard a0e24e1  Initial work on policy handler
 discard 7475c25  Worked on backend
 discard db375f9  Worked on errors with running anastasis-httpd
 discard 6d91b3d  worked on backend
 discard 526beaf  Created initial file for high-level functions
 discard 34cce8a  Created initial doc. To be checked in progress
 discard a2941b1  Worked on errors
 discard e1cdaec  fixed some buggs still error
 discard b0135a5  changed the name of directories
 discard a711363  gitignore
 discard b8c1a37  time rounding
 discard 7637023  fix
 discard aa25770  fix site
 discard 581c84d  fix stuff
 discard 1f445a6  add libanastasisutil
 discard 160acc6  fix name
 discard a5a43e0  ftbfs
 discard dcc2b26  need a header
 discard 028604f  Worked on warnings
 discard ffb0d45  Worked on errors
 discard fff76b4  Worked on errors
 discard 41e397b  Worked on errors
 discard 94f73f4  Fixed some errors
 discard 866a235  fix link
 discard 4ec36c7  worked on tests problem with link
 discard e32cc86  Worked on errors
 discard 1ac6cfa  Fixed errors in test-file
 discard 0501338  Fixed some errors
 discard 546f177  Deleted file
 discard aa1073c  Created some files
 discard 94cfd9c  Modified .gitignore
 discard b95a5de  plugin wrapper tests
 discard 1f3d11f  ignore
 discard 938bd45  add license
 discard 9e881b9  test harness
 discard 56c2653  Worked on testing
 discard 2f69241  Worked on testing
 discard e1f9f74  Worked on Plugin
 discard c09fba4  Worked on plugin
 discard 50e8f50  Modified truth insertion
 discard a8492d5  Worked on keyshare
 discard 8ac5778  major FTBFS
 discard f22189f  fix indentation
 discard 7fb1f13  add missing #includes
 discard f8d46c4  Corrected some includes
 discard e7e93bd  worked on recoverydoc upload
 discard 6a3f3d6  added select statements
 discard 27b4bd8  merge conflict
 discard 1e98d61  worked on plugin
 discard c733ae8  Worked on recovery_document upload
 discard 20abbdd  first fun
 discard 3b1e913  Fixed storing recovery document
 discard f99074f  removed taler entries
 discard 1219ce3  Worked on postgres plugin
 discard 87bdfc9  Modified CREATE TABLE of truth
 discard 60e148a  Changed request of encrypted keyshare
 discard f563262  Changed truth upload
 discard cb22e7b  Some small modifications...
 discard 175b7a2  Added create statements
 discard 482c250  Worked on db plugin
 discard 6499132  Worked on db plugin.
 discard b628002  adapting to new GNUNET_PQ API, removing dead, useless code
 discard 04b7dff  adjusted headers and errors
 discard 08003e3  Worked on db plugin
 discard 38e4471  help
 discard a8105d8  api clarifications
 discard 5d0080c  comments, indentation
 discard 593c247  api moved to docs
 discard 6186571  Corrected Etag-Handling
 discard 83e9836  Worked on DB Plugin
 discard be03236  Worked on FIXMEs
 discard 15a1c5b  Clarified the header Anastasis-Version
 discard f7f0575  updates to spec
 discard 4e38d26  changed db_schema
 discard c390497  small adjustments to be discussed
 discard 8896d8d  more comments, more fixes
 discard ddee90e  crypto spec wip, english, fixes, comments
 discard 19a2028  Crypto Draft(bad English)
 discard 8b4f173  Worked on the crypto Specification
 discard adce107  Removed Employee API
 discard 252fd0f  Added some initial specifications to crypt-anastasis.rst. To 
be continued...
 discard dee34a3  Created initial crypto specification file
 discard 739e092  Added employee api for authentication procedures like video 
identification etc. Http Status is missing yet.
 discard 0b93588  added db schema
 discard 8bc49e3  Changed storage limit again to megabytes (because of pictures 
 discard 31e759b  Changed payment terms from annual fee to fee per transaction
 discard bb9f4ff  Added api for obtaining the terms of service
 discard 7a618ce  Corrected some syntax errors
 discard 327da56  cleaning up API spec
 discard 25c293d  Added EscrowChallenge and states to truth api.
 discard 1e318bf  Added some states to the get request
 discard 78284cb  Added Truth. Status Codes are missing yet.
 discard 08edc08  Added more general information about the keys to use.
 discard 742e9db  Combined PolicyDocument and KeyShare in 
 discard c7107be  Corrected some terminology. Inserted possibility to obtain 
salt of the provider
 discard eb452b6  Created glossary
 discard df70fe3  The name escrow provider was renamed to backup provider.
 discard dde4424  Corrected some syntax failures
 discard 6e2bcd4  Terms more clearly defined: Escrow provider is our backup 
provider, key provider stores the key shares
 discard 52379d1  Discarded last change: Added specification of the purpose of 
the masterkey to DecryptionPolicy
 discard e32534a  Added possibility to distinguish between several backups 
(e.g. wallet, password safe etc.)
 discard 45873f4  Status Codes and Syntax
 discard cab3bc6  test
 discard 1e9cbbf  api work
 discard 0617e6b  Added message to status responses
 discard 3be5b7c  Added API for masterkey and backup recovery. Signed commit. 
In progress...
 discard 94c9a8b  Created api file. Added some initial apis. In progress... 
Signed commit.
 discard d134b3e  initial basic setup
     new 7e669bc  folding history in preparation of GNU Anastasis v0.0.0 release

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.
That is to say, some revisions that were in the old version of the
branch are not in the new version.  This situation occurs
when a user --force pushes a change and generates a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O   (3f717ff)
             N -- N -- N   refs/heads/master (7e669bc)

You should already have received notification emails for all of the O
revisions, and so the following emails describe only the N revisions
from the common base, B.

Any revisions marked "omit" are not gone; other references still
refer to them.  Any revisions marked "discard" are gone forever.

The 1 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:

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