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[taler-anastasis-gtk] branch master updated (717fc05 -> f3181db)

From: gnunet
Subject: [taler-anastasis-gtk] branch master updated (717fc05 -> f3181db)
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 10:48:04 +0200

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

grothoff pushed a change to branch master
in repository anastasis-gtk.

 discard 717fc05  -fix about dialog, fix glade licenses, update docs
 discard d68d836  -make RMS happy
 discard ccb30c2  fix rendering of expiration time for free services as 
discussed with Belen
 discard acd8844  realizing more Belen UX tweaks
 discard ee29468  add provider URL column as suggested by Belen
 discard 3874647  add provider URL column as suggested by Belen
 discard dc0b46c  only suggest date for backup expiration as suggested by Belen
 discard 17b265c  add logic to name secrets
 discard f20d3f3  address Belen's concern about the messages being similar 
 discard 477d2e2  -fix build issues with latest Taler APIs
 discard 29bba5b  -fix visibility
 discard 0fed87b  -learning to count
 discard 082da32  -bump changelog
 discard 5ea0e6b  show policy expiration in Gtk+
 discard 3a76d5c  -advance to next reducer screen also on policy malformed
 discard f133e7a  import man page from anastasis docs
 discard 7559a67  fix crash on save-as, number challenges from 1
 discard e78e484  fix auto-focus
 discard 784466a  -fix provider selection
 discard 06c0a19  -return correct w
 discard a3d8871  -fix hide/show issues
 discard 95e38a4  remove dead image
 discard bab3c64  reduce graphics size
 discard 13c292b  -fix sensitivity of next button
 discard ae47500  split off secret selecting stage
 discard bb302bb  fix secret editing logic
 discard 90e6afb  -add missing signal
 discard 63ad015  revise dialogs to enter core secret
 discard 8cee1ab  -work on #6841 and related bugs'
 discard 39a902a  implement handle expiration change
 discard 392eea2  add logic to render expiration times and fees
 discard 9e9a31b  -fix ftbfs
 discard 85642a6  -add missing header
 discard 21d6380  -API break: allow clients to specify number of years of 
service to pay for, including reducer update. Will break stuff, partial patch 
for #6841
 discard acac685  long version of date
 discard 5a53408  hide expiration column
 discard 444423f  towards secret names and expiration editing
 discard 5b73269  adapt provide secret layout to Belen's recommendations
 discard 82eb9f0  add dynamic logic for 'this stays private'
 discard e1a3ef1  fix UI layout issues on high-dpi screens
 discard 7eb3f4d  fix warning
 discard 4db68e3  more work on 'this stays private'
 discard 68812d9  make image smaller
 discard ce77c0e  stays private in security question
 discard 32688a1  add image resources
 discard 631571b  fix restart issues discovered with Belen
 discard 05be11c  fix auth editing
 discard f02d6b7  finish GtkComboBox
 discard 18139aa  more work on policy editor
 discard 366ce2d  fix policy editing issues
 discard a212436  fix buttons in glade
 discard 3077fb6  -EOF marker
 discard 850f06c  finish policy editing logic (untested)
 discard 35d1f5e  work on policy editor
 discard 0b830a8  more foundations for pe edit dialog
 discard a2a1f5c  implement deletion actions in policy editing
 discard ab52867  complete implementation of Belen's progress status indicator
 discard 7bd6460  towards updating progress
 discard b7d6882  add text for progress indicators
 discard 37ee27e  add strings from Belen
 discard 1393cab  begin integration of progress bar info
 discard 7ba7d5b  starting point for Belen's user orientation idea
 discard 8d9135b  add back actions suggested by Belen
 discard e91eae6  adapt main page to suggestions by Belen
 discard c16fd7b  adapt main page to suggestions by Belen
 discard 5357ac2  edit policy dialog skeleton
 discard fe93673  work on context menu in anastasis-gtk
 discard 5af3179  skeleton for popup menu
 discard 41c8ff6  fix policy rendering
 discard 27f902f  do not check for taler if we do not need it
 discard c6ee299  bump debian package version
 discard a04d2c2  fix ugly challenge selection buttons
 discard 5c7c8db  -fix warning/special security issue
 discard d235a30  update package to reflect gnunet-gtk changes
 discard a8e1090  fix debian package
 discard ac70882  initial Debian package rules
 discard 799a42e  nicer help text
 discard 86ee84d  Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
 discard 3bb3acf  addressing berna's feedback
 discard defb738  do not test for wallet-cli in free mode
 discard 094b85d  shorten challenge button labels, grab focus where needed
 discard 26fd526  disable valgrinding
 discard 31f63ee  -update ignore files
 discard fa49de4  prevent /config request during action updating widget state
 discard 6862c8a  more illustrative images
 discard 6f552c7  properly encode postal address
 discard f4d65f4  prepare to test #6750
 discard d16ffc6  glade fixes
 discard b570a98  -not sure how this file got deleted, recoverying
 discard 333a524  remove scripts that do not belong here
 discard 9f6150c  log error
 discard 9ae02c5  one more i18n string (#6749)
 discard d8cc48a  apply i18n to hints
 discard 1abfcc6  support translation of continents (#6749)
 discard c5f5622  magic
 discard 0143725  update po files
 discard 926d02b  regenerate .po
 discard a821539  disable debug build
 discard bf00832  fix #6826
 discard 755dfac  implement #6809
 discard 0d7307a  implement #6825
 discard 16a7605  fix mime-type confusion in 'instructions' of challenge
 discard e71cd51  improve challenge treeview dialog
 discard d517b6a  minor cleanups
 discard 4e5190a  work on #6827
 discard 6759920  add multi-currency support
 discard 7d393ec  help text on
 discard a895193  Beamte do not have Rentenversicherungsnummern, introduce TIN, 
and support optional fields
 discard 4ec5ed1  add auto-abort case for challenge handling
 discard 4e8961f  fix re-renames
 discard 0e31ca5  style fixes
 discard d5267d7  make OK button take default action
 discard e78686e  add forgotten argument
 discard 29f1731  create setup without fees
 discard 8d6cdbf  allow user to enter code with 'A-' prefix
 discard 94a5635  AG_ prefix rename fest
 discard f55d703  improve glade
 discard 883276d  use combo box instead of GtkEntry, fix configs
 discard 40bf845  fix provider editing issues
 discard 651ba26  fix assertion
 discard 7e00af8  name widget
 discard 747dd5b  fix widget name
 discard 0d4f136  add missing file
 discard e9373fb  handle new semi-successful state if policy download failed
 discard 390bb7d  add birthplace
 discard c0f4ffb  show custom widgets
 discard c26c56f  fix assertion
 discard 997f216  fix jemarch bug
 discard 0e6e98f  implement re-downloading policy if user changed version or 
provider URL
 discard c743980  set provider URL
 discard 353b92c  add logic to show providers and policy versions on success
 discard 8eb7c9a  glade hacking
 discard a328cfa  implement change version logic
 discard fed2390  begin adding logic for policy version showing/selection
 discard a9be10f  begin adding logic for policy version showing/selection
 discard ce5cd91  add logic to serialize user attributes and core secret on save
 discard 42e49fb  implement attribute widget restoration after restore from save
 discard 574dabe  add scat script for testing
 discard e524ca5  fix pin entry logic
 discard 0bcd330  error handling
 discard ea7c2ab  remove debug break
 discard d6e8441  fix error display
 discard 6f8287c  copy payto uri to clipboard
 discard 4c8b831  fix pay handling
 discard 36ed4a8  enable fees whenever email is used
 discard 038f3b7  finish dialog to import core secret from file
 discard 0fc5fad  import open button to import core secret
 discard c149b8f  import open button to import core secret
 discard d36b464  implement secret display logic
 discard a223225  hide completed challenges
 discard 59d6259  dce
 discard 253b7e1  fix args construction
 discard 2a62bde  fixes
 discard 0b76322  fix challenge button clicking
 discard 744a863  get challenge buttons to show
 discard 17cd871  show recovery document
 discard 630950a  name frame
 discard 181607c  implement recovery button click
 discard 593212b  remove unneeded signals
 discard 86dd072  fixindent
 discard 27627b8  fix compiler warnings
 discard ba60295  use enum instead of hard-coded constants for GtkXstore columns
 discard 37ad347  use enum instead of hard-coded constants for GtkXstore columns
 discard de61b35  fix glade refs
 discard 75741b4  implement challenge dialog handlers (WiP)
 discard c7e01f7  more dialogs
 discard 94a6d75  fix policy review dialog
 discard f5c5490  work on payment logic
 discard 3788266  add qr code logic
 discard d7640c0  implement lookup_recovery_cost
 discard 31892ba  towards having a policy reviewing dialog
 discard bdeab2e  note
 discard fb71e56  work on pay dialog
 discard 825f4c3  add commands
 discard 0818f0c  auth dialogs
 discard bd8e4e6  work on dialogs
 discard f81a573  work on dialogs
 discard 763b652  use apply to re-scan even if nothing changed
 discard a738ff5  add shell script to setup test environment
 discard d41b367  new files
 discard 809f6f9  update auth providers
 discard cf165bd  implement open/save/edit providers
 discard 7ae1589  first work on auth dialog
 discard e6e5204  finish user attributes entry logic
 discard a7171a7  expand signal handlers
 discard 298c3e2  work on anastasis-gtk (WiP)
 discard b034fa8  introduce AG_hide_children
 discard dc505f0  more data, less code
 discard af9ecd5  remove bogus asserts
 discard a615dca  introduce proper dispatch logic
 discard 0f0559b  introduce proper dispatch logic
 discard 5c5f6b6  introduce proper dispatch logic
 discard f517dbe  split up glade file
 discard a0a8027  init redux subsystem
 discard 0ecad29  fix ftbfs
 discard 46a7a69  fix get_config
 discard 7b99b5f  fix enums
 discard db23bb7  fix
 discard 421995e  fix method edit button
 discard ca10218  fix method deletion
 discard 1fcb59d  fix method deletion
 discard 9340c49  fix method button showing
 discard 4f15a32  fix authentication_providers building
 discard 2af3228  fix config api request
 discard 0fe38b6  moved config request to reducer
 discard 2527cca  rework add_authentication
 discard ff16378  fix country/continent unselect
 discard 949d414  fix
 discard f5a4ed7  fix change continent
 discard 606f7c5  fix
 discard b4601ac  fix
 discard 6d2b804  fix
 discard c215876  fix
 discard 4d812b7  worked on policy frame
 discard a1f293d  worked on policy frame
 discard cd351fd  worked on policy frame
 discard bbf3407  worked on policy frame
 discard 742f9a7  work on initial policy
 discard 6278d34  serialize authentication methods
 discard fb6dfee  fix config api response handling
 discard 84b85a3  worked on authentication frames forward button
 discard f5e9808  fix refactoring
 discard 095cb09  worked on authentication_frame, add methods, edit methods, 
delete methods
 discard 45e4f31  worked on adding authentication methods
 discard b989af0  worked on illustrations and authentication frame
 discard d0b0015  worked on authentication_frame, added illustration
 discard a8bfe2c  worked on authentication_frame
 discard d6961fe  modified authentication frame (backup)
 discard 7652f0e  authentication frame (backup)
 discard 58e8a65  removed optional attributes logic
 discard b289c6b  worked on back-/forward-buttons
 discard 1b1e36f  worked on identity attributes
 discard 467377d  worked on identity attributes
 discard 46077b8  fix loop - show forward button in identity frame
 discard 0b28867  worked on identity attributes
 discard 284dee9  fix loop
 discard 204f21d  worked on id attributes
 discard 560ddb0  start with identity attributes
 discard 57f44e7  fix country selection
 discard 55536d3  add prev-/forward-button functionality
 discard 82f470a  fix country list
 discard c7f23ef  fix continent selection
 discard 292c0a2  worked on select country
 discard 670d2b4  show continent list
 discard 9ca91ba  added helper
 discard 16a5b02  fix memory access error
 discard c00f45f  ex
 discard e18d65c  starting point
 discard 5457571  initial project setup
     new f3181db  folding history in preparation of GNU Anastasis-gtk v0.0.0 

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.
That is to say, some revisions that were in the old version of the
branch are not in the new version.  This situation occurs
when a user --force pushes a change and generates a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O   (717fc05)
             N -- N -- N   refs/heads/master (f3181db)

You should already have received notification emails for all of the O
revisions, and so the following emails describe only the N revisions
from the common base, B.

Any revisions marked "omit" are not gone; other references still
refer to them.  Any revisions marked "discard" are gone forever.

The 1 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:

To stop receiving notification emails like this one, please contact

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