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[gnunet] branch master updated (cbc7aadcb -> fd277f253)

From: gnunet
Subject: [gnunet] branch master updated (cbc7aadcb -> fd277f253)
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 16:10:27 +0200

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

martin-schanzenbach pushed a change to branch master
in repository gnunet.

 discard cbc7aadcb -fetch response code first before testing on it
 discard 24bc8b102 completing rebase to master
 discard 891ae7f40 Added some more comments
 discard 105e57bec Iproved ibf counter packing code
 discard 278c5f02f Fixed smal bug in propabilistic algo
 discard c152b740d Fixed some stuff
 discard a959f31c7 removed exponation from plausability check FIX
 discard 3f94b0326 removed exponation from plausability check
 discard feff89e4f Fixed one more bug ;-)
 discard 24376e187 Added check to enforce active passive switch when inquiry 
colision occour
 discard 9cdcc7aa8 Fixed implementaion
 discard 5cbe9eed6 Use GNUNET_free instead of build in free
 discard a9c0727ea Fixed another bug in message flow control
 discard 52525a45d Reverted some stuff
 discard 525a0fa34 Fixed some bugs in implementation
 discard 0e316f3a5 Fixed a bug in message controll
 discard c6ba44df9 Restored normal config
 discard d115be5a5 Override some stuff for performance messurement
 discard 78104aa37 Fixed some stuff
 discard 6371a6497 Added comment to explain |1
 discard 6e23aab55 Return early from function
 discard 774ff46b8 Fixed mem leak
 discard b2752b899 Added some comments
 discard 8ff1e6e82 Maded struct camelcase
 discard 23a93411b Does this fix the mem leak
 discard 4ec38f4c4 Fixed wrong place for null check
 discard 9e74e75b2 Fixed wrong argument for mode of operation
 discard 61ff1e706 Fixed one more
 discard 132c7fe35 Fixed one more
 discard 7b47c8e26 Fixed some more errors from review
 discard 5cfcf28ac Made perf compleate in time
 discard 3f0a714ef -SETU: fix indentation
 discard ed3ce4444 Removed some unneseray padding from inquery message
 discard fd85c346d Removed Operation type from Operation Request message not 
required anymore
 discard efcf5ccb1 Fixed all warnings/notices for gcc and clang
 discard a4530df23 Cleaned some more warnings
 discard 059c2fa97 Fixed some warnings
 discard b22553789 Added some more comment
 discard 60f16c90f Liniting
 discard 05f379285 Added removing key from strata
 discard 0e4b63b5a Removed unusable counter
 discard 3634dc701 Fixed some bug
 discard a2ff8bc4d Disable performance messurement
 discard 0a0b803b2 Improved code and commtents
 discard 5b67ff0f5 Made SE vary sizes depending on new formula
 discard 9e26cb5a4 Added checks for byzantine bounds
 discard 6ca3b53c6 Added some security checks
 discard da81bf0e5 Prepare fore messurement 8
 discard 5ea18d6da Prepare fore messurement 4
 discard dbc3b3647 Prepare fore messurement 2
 discard 55af3e12a Prepare fore messurement 1
 discard 8eff00caf Added probabilistic security check for full sync
 discard 3301221a1 Salt mul 7 for salt optimization
 discard 88e367739 Baseline for salt optimization
 discard 3f815cd1c Improved IBF with salt + prime ibf size
 discard 15d001fea Improved IBF with salt + prime ibf size
 discard 4765c460b Added multi strata estimator
 discard cee65f84c Added some more sec checks
 discard 3afd7957b Increased shufle nonce to 64bit
 discard 35123745b Added configuration new configration options as api options 
fixes memory leak
 discard 8002c7611 Added randum seed for randum map
 discard 9c081f6bc Added full send commit message + changes request full message
 discard be75a8e68 Fixed some phase stuff and shuffle full sending elements
 discard 846d20068 Some more tests
 discard b5b29acc4 Added element avg calculation
 discard 261276cc3 Added message flow control
 discard 31e3a57eb Securyt improvement prevent peer from receiving message in 
wrong phase
 discard e346d0433 Perftest
 discard 92548a2a2 Perftest
 discard 26d5b01c0 Perftest
 discard c5c02d2b4 Perftest
 discard 7592c02d0 Perftest
 discard 1b211f2dc Perftest
 discard d4d9e8476 Perftest
 discard db3eeb11b Perftest
 discard dd5274e6d Perftest
 discard 8b2d8b2b3 Perftest
 discard c790dffb3 Perf test
 discard 4c805d183 Perf test
 discard 4dd8fd98f Perf test
 discard 89639d066 Perf test
 discard b14a9f483 Perf test
 discard 158e72a33 Perf test
 discard 8a0a296b8 Perf test
 discard 085d40187 Perf test
 discard 2403ad32b Perf test
 discard a6835036c Added perf monitoring of operation mode
 discard cbcf8304e Added new algo to determine operation mode
 discard 6e0f1ea5e Added new algo to determine operation mode
 discard ba5276acb Final performance check
 discard 439a29b93 Final messurement
 discard 0cc962156 Add new algo to determinate mode of operation
 discard d01053737 Performance chech
 discard c45403590 Performance chech
 discard 4ac104770 Fixed some ugly construct
 discard f2c7cfa47 Rewritten dynamic counter
 discard 5729ab1b2 Pack IBF counter to use only as much storage as needed
 discard 258904623 Simulation
 discard a7840289c Simulation
 discard ea862005b Simulation
 discard f1cfdf748 Simulation
 discard 008f61fde Added strate remote/local set estimation
 discard 834224b39 Simulation
 discard e3d7495ce Simulation
 discard 166566a67 Simulation
 discard 2d292e2c0 Simulation
 discard 789f5e3a8 Simulation
 discard 1ca90ce94 Simulation
 discard 753f62ba2 Simulation
 discard 9ff2a1b59 Simulation
 discard 6e993289a Simulation
 discard 6216cf5db Simulation
 discard 4ff1cb7c6 Reverte change to changes salt
 discard 5832273fa Try something
 discard 1377fd2fc Extended look
 discard b920cad7d Fixed some stuff
 discard add22ee67 Added MIN IBF Size auto increase depended on totalsetsize + 
added missing remote/local element count to op
 discard 7cc8ef1d2 Test data 500 elements
 discard 48d5f6eae Extend plot
 discard 4178ac85d Test data 50 elements
 discard 1c4b35a4d Test for more detail 5k
 discard cd5f7ca99 Extend plot
 discard b08b7bb33 5k element difference
 discard aac3ef8d2 Compare check
 discard 8d5f22bd0 Fixed compiler bug
 discard 7ec074435 fixed a bug in perfomance messurement
 discard 55738838d Test to overlap 5000 elements
 discard 7e5b5a9ab Test to 5000 elements
 discard 5568eeaaa Test to 500 elements
 discard 0b545f103 Test to 50 elements
 discard 54e8ba5e9 Add total bytes transmitted to perf
 discard 26adba0dc Make 5000 elements perftest for perftest
 discard 790cad5b6 Make 5000 elements perftest for perftest
 discard e0db18c47 Added test with 2.5
 discard 717b24a92 Fixed a bug in implementation added if max size thresold 
instead of dont allow ibfs to get smaler
 discard 77128b43a Limit increase to 1.5 ibf
 discard b6eb4da7e Wrong set
 discard 869ca5284 Added heuristic to imporve size increasement of ibf in case 
of failure
 discard 5b63b3a2d Fixed fork doubeling
 discard 0404af2b2 Simulation with 10x more elements
 discard a63df143f Simulation with 10x less elements & Removed some debuging 
 discard a9f5e4d7e uncomented unused perf log file
 discard 9d49f26ac Enforced odd ibf size
 discard 4d696467a Added some more granuar facor increase
 discard 6d04fc30d Improved perfomance
 discard 37a977a7e Run over night
 discard 85f2956e8 Run generate missing data
 discard 0950400b6 Run 10000 iterations
 discard 438dae15f Perf test with bytes send/resived per ibf
 discard 2a0ae5a73 Perf run to test with bigger element set smaller set
 discard 4603cda91 Perf run to test with bigger element set
 discard 2bb2505f1 Increased set difference for test by x10
 discard 0977fc269 More granular run
 discard 3cc72a948 Increased to 10000k per 0.1 perf test setu
 discard 01dfb9acb Fixed bug in perfomance forking
 discard 617dbf66b Fixed bug in perfomance forking
 discard 77ce1b1f4 Added forking to perf test
 discard 3a383d08c Fixed some stack smashing error ;-)
 discard e0ea69105 Fixed
 discard c2a212db7 added thread lib to setu perf
 discard 162c505dd added thread lib to setu perf
 discard 9eb4765e7 added thread lib to setu perf
 discard 3be16a6d7 Added multitreading
 discard ea38cd184 Made all required perfomance parameters costumizable
 discard 9283b6147 Working
     new ebc70e1bc SETU: Implement LSD0003
     new fd277f253 -fetch response code first before testing on it

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.
That is to say, some revisions that were in the old version of the
branch are not in the new version.  This situation occurs
when a user --force pushes a change and generates a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O   (cbc7aadcb)
             N -- N -- N   refs/heads/master (fd277f253)

You should already have received notification emails for all of the O
revisions, and so the following emails describe only the N revisions
from the common base, B.

Any revisions marked "omit" are not gone; other references still
refer to them.  Any revisions marked "discard" are gone forever.

The 2 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:

To stop receiving notification emails like this one, please contact

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