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Re: [gnuspeech-contact] Status of GnuSpeech

From: Kenneth Reid Beesley
Subject: Re: [gnuspeech-contact] Status of GnuSpeech
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 18:52:16 -0600

On 22Oct2010, at 15:46, David Hill wrote:

> Dear Ken,
> Apologies for the delay in replying to you email request.

Hello David,

Many thanks for your message.  No apologies are necessary.  As far as I know, 
you don't owe anything to anyone---and certainly not to me.
About once a year I look around for a practical articulatory text-to-speech 
toolkit, complete, supported, documented and ready to use.   I know that's 
asking a lot.
From what I've been able to read, gunspeech looks very promising, so I launch 
an inquiry from time to time.  I hope they come across as friendly inquiries.

> The project at present is not being actively developed. The last repository 
> update was made approximately 11 months ago by Dalmazio Brisinda and included 
> major upgrades to Monet and a newly completed component required (or at least 
> very, very useful) for new language development -- "Synthesizer" which allows 
> researchers to determine the acoustic consequences of arbitrary vocal tract 
> configurations in the tube model (though the current "Synthesizer" is really 
> a beta release and needs some code clean-up and a few additional features). 
> There are a number of additional important "Monet" modules to be ported to 
> manage posture, rule and transition editing. Unfortunately for you, the 
> sub-modules that deal with developing these necessary new language data 
> components within Monet are only stubs at present. Some help in continuing 
> the port would be most welcome,though I realise that you represent an end 
> user, and not a developer, so this is not really a call on you. [Anyone out 
> there interested?]

Thanks for the update.  What kind of expertise do you need to continue 

> The existing code-base and software components are quite stable for both Mac 
> OS X and GNUstep. Have you tried any of them out?
> Many thanks for your interest. I hope to have better news for you "real soon 
> now".

I'm mostly a Mac guy, so I really should see how far I can get with the 
existing system.  I'll try to do that as soon as I can.



> Warm regards.
> david
> ----------
> On Sep 29, 2010, at 9:46 AM, Kenneth Reid Beesley wrote:
>> Dear GnuSpeech Gurus,
>> In one paragraph, could you please summarize the status of the GnuSpeech 
>> porting project?
>> I'd like to create a text-to-speech system from scratch, for a Native 
>> American Language.  Audio recording, to support something like diphone 
>> synthesis, would be politically difficult.  Hence my interest in practical 
>> articulatory synthesis.
>> My main platform is the Mac.
>> Thanking you in anticipation,
>> Ken
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>> P.O. Box 540475
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>> 84054  USA
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