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[gnuspeech-contact] Another gnuspeech-related paper

From: David Hill
Subject: [gnuspeech-contact] Another gnuspeech-related paper
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 16:18:01 -0700

Hi Ken,

You (and others on the gnuspeech list) may be interested in this early experiment we did on the perception of intonational features in speech. It is now available on line and more papers related to gnuspeech should be up soon.

HILL, D.R. & REID, N.A. (1977a) An experiment on the perception of intonational features. Int. J. Man-Machine Studies 9 (2), 337-347 (J) (This paper reports an early experiment related to understanding intonation pattern perception as a basis for creating natural sounding intonation in speech synthesis by rule.)

As previously posted, all the gnuspeech related papers I have written are referenced on my web site:

under "Published papers"

All good wishes.



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