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[gnuspeech-contact] Another gnuspeech-related paper is on-line

From: David Hill
Subject: [gnuspeech-contact] Another gnuspeech-related paper is on-line
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 19:43:33 -0800

Hi everyone,

There's another paper available on-line on my university web-site:

HILL, D.R., JASSEM, W. & WITTEN, I.H. (1977) A statistical approach to the problem of isochrony in spoken British English. A shorter version of this paper was published in 1979 under the same title in Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 9 (eds. H. & P. Hollien), 285-294, Amsterdam: John Benjamins B.V. (J)

This provides links both to the original report (which has more information) and the shorter version that appeared in C.I.L.T. (see above) which was already available.

The paper provides more of the background on the rhythm modelling for gnuspeech. American English is, of course, also a stress-timed language.

All good wishes.



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