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AW: NSTextField -becomeFirstResponder / NSTextView -copySelection

From: David Ayers
Subject: AW: NSTextField -becomeFirstResponder / NSTextView -copySelection
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 19:07:30 +0200

Hi Fred,

Thanx 4 the reply,

> I did not understand your problem. For me this sounds like "I did write
> a becomeFirstResponder method that calls selectText, but I don't want it
> to call selectText under certain conditions", which surely is not the
> case.

yes, I DO want it to call -selectText: (always), I just don't want the
window's display to mark the selection, before sendEvent: is finished. 
Because the pasteboard is acuired through DO an Runloop processing accurs
during -copySelection. This Runloop processing sends the windows 
-displayIfNeeded which will show the selection before the -mouseDown: had
a chance to reset the selection. So, I don't want the field editors to
be displayed before the -mouseDown: gets called by the -sendEvent:,
or rather I don't want this view to display itself at this time. It should
be displayed, when the -sendEvent: finishes. (I hope I'm not confusing you
by saying the same thing in 20 different ways, I'm just trying to clairfy.
If it helps I could send you my code changes and maybe that will make it

> This was my idea and at the FOSDEM the GNUstep developers (or was it
> only Richard and me?) agreed to add this feature. The idea of
> copySelection is that a user selects part of a text and is able to paste
> it without using the normal copy/paste mechanism. In the standard setup

Sounds like an intersting feature, I just didn't find it in the Docs. I'm 
surprised at the performance since it does send a remote message eveytime.
I was wondering if would be wise for the NSPasteboard to cach pasteboards 
by name, but that another story.


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