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Re: removing the 'make install'-->'make all' dependency

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: removing the 'make install'-->'make all' dependency
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 15:32:17 +0100
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Nicola Pero wrote:

Some more ideas (unstructured):

- the behaviour is absolutly standard. I've never seen a Unix source which doesn't 'make all' as part of 'make install'. If you do cross-user things, you should be aware about the results.

Thanks for pointing this out - I find that this point is actually the most
convincing one against the change.  The GNU coding standards do say that
'install' implies 'all', and most GNU projects do implement it.  So I'm no
longer completely sure we want this change.
Well I'm really not that worried about whether or not to make the change, but I do feel, that if the GNU coding standards state that 'install' implies 'all' then that should definitely be the default behavior. You've suggested that you're considering an environment variable to specify the behavior and I think it would be OK as long as the default remains the behavior specified by the standard). I'm not sure of the exact implications, but have you considered a new target? Maybe 'inst' for the fast version that doesn't depend on 'all' and just implement install to depend on 'all' and 'inst'.

Like I said, I'm unsure of the implications, but it seems that would give the "advanced" user the flexibility while providing the standard behavior for newbees.


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