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Re: [GSWHackers] Re: [PATCH/RFC] gsweb Patches I

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: [GSWHackers] Re: [PATCH/RFC] gsweb Patches I
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 20:07:18 +0100
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Nicola Pero wrote:

Hello everyone,

here are some patches that are actually unrelated to the GSW/WO names change but I would like to get them in anyway:

   remove usage of INSTALL_ROOT_DIR as this isn't used consistently
   (any vetos?)

Hmmm - sorry to answer late - been away for a few days.

No problem, I actually just discovered your reply because of some wierd mail client configuration.

I suspect you want to remove 'INSTALL_ROOT_DIR' because it might have
looked like a relict of some old past ... but it's actually quite a
'modern' thing :-)

I'd say it's better to keep it.  Removing it would break building RPMs of
GNUstepWeb, which might not be an issue as I don't know if building RPMs
of GNUstepWeb actually works :-) but you might want to try it out: when
building RPMs work, it is a great help to quickly package stuff for
distribution / deployment.

Perfectly fine, I'll just reinsert it. I'm not too keen on getting into testing RPM's quit yet though. Would you prefer a whole new combined patch or may a provide one just for these files?

Finally, sorry for providing criticism for the patch - I think it's very
nice that you are tidying up the gnustep-web makefiles, and you seem to be
doing a very intelligent job and a good task.  Keep on with the good work!

Please, critisize my patches as much as possible, I'm still learning and that only work with feedback. :-)


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