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Re: Header cleanliness [was: removing the 'makeinstall'-->'makeall' depe

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: Header cleanliness [was: removing the 'makeinstall'-->'makeall' dependency]
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 10:42:19 +0100
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Alexander Malmberg wrote:

* A header must be self-contained. If it needs any definition from
another header, it must include it itself. To catch violations of this
(which are very annoying, and I know from experience that it's easy to
just include some extra headers in your app/tool until it works and then
forget about it instead of fixing it), each .m file should include its
corresponding header before doing anything else.

* A header should include as few other headers as possible. Use @class
instead. This speeds up compilation, doesn't pollute the user's
namespace, and doesn't break things when a header suddenly stops
including some other header (I've been bitten by this as well; better to
sort it all out at once).

Comments welcome.

With the exception of GSWeb (in which things are currenlty more complicated) I would be all for both of these suggestions.

I really don't want to get off the topic too much but... :-)
Another thing I keep wondering about, is whether libraries and frameworks (should/must) include thier own project headers with a prefix. i.e. why NSArray.m includes:

#include <Foundation/NSArray.h>
instead of
#include "NSArray.h"

and why NSArray.h includes:
#include <Foundation/NSRange.h>
instead of
#include "NSRange.h"

I know gnustep make changes the search order so that the source headers are found before the installed headers but if a header is ever removed from the source, make will still pick up the installed header. On the other hand, the second scheme also works well and I have a feeling that it is more correct. But maybe I'm missing something, enlighten me please :-)


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