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Re: Header cleanliness [was: removing the 'makeinstall'-->'makeall'depen

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: Header cleanliness [was: removing the 'makeinstall'-->'makeall'dependency]
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 13:23:52 +0100
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Alexander Malmberg wrote:

David Ayers wrote:
and why NSArray.h includes:
#include <Foundation/NSRange.h>
instead of
#include "NSRange.h"

...but headers are included by stuff outside -base itself, so they need
the prefix (ie. "NSRange.h" makes no sense in an app, and I don't think
the include paths should be changed to make it valid).

GNUstep make allready supports this though and I think it is correct. And I have some code that uses this feature, i.e. I have a framework and a libraray which both export headers that contain #include "file.h" references to headers in the same directory, and then I have an app project which includes these headers with the #include <library/header.h> scheme. and the corresponding headers are found. In fact my GSWeb-patches heavily depend on this mechanism.


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