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Re: __objc_condition_* not implemented under MinGW

From: Tom Koelman
Subject: Re: __objc_condition_* not implemented under MinGW
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 17:57:49 +0100

Tom Koelman <address@hidden> writes:

> In windows, on creating an Event, one has to choose whether it is
> auto-reset or not. Auto-reset means that when this Event gets
> signaled, only 1 waiting thread will be released (like
> condition_signal), while a non-auto-reset Event releases all waiting
> threads (like condition_broadcast). The difference thus is that an
> Event, once created, always either broadcasts or signals.

And now... I understand it works differently. A auto-reset event works
like I claimed, I think, but a non-auto-reset event just doesn't get
back to unsignaled automatically, without claiming any actual thread
gets released or not. Of course, if you leave the event signaled long
enough, eventually all waiting threads will be released, but there's
no way of telling how long to wait.

So now I plan to implement it completely different, making both
_signal and _broadcast work.


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