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Re: GDL2 on Mac OS X, stage two

From: Mirko Viviani
Subject: Re: GDL2 on Mac OS X, stage two
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 21:23:15 -0000

Markus Hitter <address@hidden> ha scritto:

> Here's what I did:

Just a couple of things ! :-)

> - Disabled all source files for all frameworks except the PostgreSQL 
> Adaptor. Then, added subsequently source files as needed to fill in the 
> linking failures.

Why you did this ? I know there is some header incompatibilities with the
two foundations and the compilers (at least with 2.95) but resolved these
problems it should be quite ok.

> - Commented out some of the debugging code since it wouldn't even 
> compile.

Precisely, which one ?

> - As nobody could confirm the actual need of Garbage Collection (sample 
> code anybody?), I disabled all the GC stuff after half-fixing it. To be 
> ported in the future ... From what I've seen in the source, there is no 
> functional difference to the Autorelease stuff. Maybe I'm blind, maybe 
> I really need an example to understand it.

It does not work in the same way but to take advantage of it your EOs should
inherith from GCObject.

> If you want to confirm/look yourself/extract patches, look at 
>, then click "Projekte", then "GDL2" or directly 
> (Not sure wether 
> the latter works).
> There's no binary since an App with hardcoded user names isn't that 
> useful, is it?

Thanks, I'll look at it in the next days.

> P.S.: The future? Get more in sync with the original sources. Any 
> suggestions on how to do that?

Hmmm... we could add double makefiles (gstep/osx) for the various frameworks,
remove the circular dependencies from EOAccess/EOControl... then send patches
!!!! :-))


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