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Re: Corrections for GDL2

From: Mirko Viviani
Subject: Re: Corrections for GDL2
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 16:36:16 -0000

Stéphane Corthésy <address@hidden> ha scritto:

> Thanks. It works much better now. We'll take care on (compatibility)  
> header inclusion later. What could be done is to #include "config.h" in  
> all .m files, this way we can put what we need for OSX in config.h.

Ok, done !

> > Anyway I don't know yet how to do with most of the NSDebug stuff.
> Just keep it! We'll define corresponding macros/functions on OSX too.

I don't want to remove it, but maybe to convert to EOFLOG*

> > I can't use include for apple foundation...
> It works. That's even the way Apple recommends to do things: #import is  
> deprecated. There is a tech note, but I can't find it yet.

Ok, I saw it... but actually we can keep import, if there are problems in the
future we'll see.

> Could it be possible to change the way rcsids are defined in files?  


> Here are some other modifications, due to last commits:

Done, it should be ok now.
I've moved a couple of dependencies but there are still the one of
EOGenericRecord and EOEditingContext.

> Enough for this year ;-)

Yes, enough !! :-DD

Happy new year !


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