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Re: Question about GNUstep DL2

From: Federico Gimenez Nieto
Subject: Re: Question about GNUstep DL2
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 10:37:41 +0100
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El 03/01/2010 21:26, Matt Rice escribió:
> I'm not sure if it would be against debian policy to ship the Gorm
> bundle with that is another option if possible since the
> gorm bundle is like a plugin for Gorm which DBModeler communicates
> with, its not entirely necessary, but is required to use DBModeler
> with gorm, and only DBModeler uses it (communicating via the
> pasteboard).

AFAIK, since is already part of debian, that package should be
used instead of including convenience copies of code, see [1] for
details. On fact, the current gnustep-dl2 package depends on
for its build and installation. But right now the public libraries of
gorm aren't packaged as separated shared libraries, Yavor also suggested
this as a prerrequisite, [2]

> lastly there are the adaptors which pull in the various database
> dependencies (Postgres/SQLite3 at the moment) those could be bundled
> separately... anyhow here is how i'd consider with silly made up
> package names followed by the basic components and their dependencies
> gnustep-dl2-libs/gnustep-dl2-libs-dev:
> EOControl -> gnustep-base
> EOAccess -> EOControl
> gnustep-dl2-interface/gnustep-dl2-interface-dev:
> EOInterface -> EOAccess + gnustep-gui
> gnustep-dl2-devtools:
> GDL2Palette -> EOInterface + Gorm libs
> DBModeler -> EOInterface + renaissance
> gnustep-dl2-postgres-adaptor:
> Postgres adaptor -> EOAccess + Postgres libs (build dep on gui for the
> login panel [1])
> gnustep-dl2-sqlite3-adaptor:
> SQLite adaptor -> EOAccess + SQLite3 libs (build dep on gui for the
> login panel [1])
> (and possibly a convenience package to install the whole shebang)

Ok, i'll begin working on this layout.

> I don't really know anything about debian packaging so i'm not sure if
> you could do some meta package, where Postgres adaptor/SQLite3 adaptor
> provide a 'EOAdaptor' and these are recommended by EOAccess, but not
> mutually exclusive so either/both could be installed

AFAIK that could be done with a virtual package, [3]. It seems to me
that the same functionality could be achieved with the separate
gnustep-dl2-postgres-adaptor and gnustep-dl2-sqlite3-adaptor packages,
including an OR'ed dependency on the related packages. What would be the
advantages of having the EOAdaptor umbrella?

> hopefully this helps, 

Sure it'll do

> let us know if there is anything we can do on
> the GDL2 side to make your job as packager any easier.

Thanks a lot,


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