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Re: [Gnustep-cvs] r31321 - in /tools/make/trunk: ChangeLog GNUstep.conf.

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: [Gnustep-cvs] r31321 - in /tools/make/trunk: ChangeLog configure
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 10:00:37 +0000 (UTC)
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В Fri, 17 Sep 2010 10:36:08 +0100, David Chisnall написа:
> On 17 Sep 2010, at 09:52, Yavor Doganov wrote:
>> Right.  Also, it's incorrect to call it "Linux" standard.
> Sorry, a GNU/Linux standard or a GNU standard then (since it seems
> to be used by HURD and Debian/kFreeBSD too).

No, the GNU standard is the GCS.  Let's call the FHS a GNU distro
standard, or more correctly, a standard adopted by many GNU distros.

>> The FHS is derived from the GNU Coding Standards, which is perhaps
>> the oldest document describing a uniform layout & installation
>> procedure (and yeah, the GNUstep layout doesn't comply with it
>> either).
> I'd dispute that.  Try typing man hier into an old UNIX system, and
> you'll find that the layout of the filesystem was described all the way
> back in AT&T UNIX, before GNU existed.

OK, you might be right here.  (Fortunately for me, I've never used a
Unix system and I don't have access to such systems.)

> They may have had input from some BSD developers, but it was never
> adopted by any BSD systems.  Sun, SGI, and IBM all shipped Linux
> distributions and software for Linux, so that's not really a counter
> argument.

Well, it was not meant to be a counter argument.  The FHS people
*tried* to make it widely adopted by soliciting input from many
parties, and failed.  They probably failed because they didn't listen
at all to that input.

> In my experience, having GNUstep packages that use FHS is worse than
> having no packages.  People complain that stuff doesn't work even though
> they have the GNUstep packages installed from their distribution.

I haven't seen such bug reports for the past 5-6 years I've been
involved in Debian packaging.  Sure, we had and will have complaints
that stuff doesn't work, but that's never because of the FHS layout,
but because of geniune bugs (upstream or Debian packaging bugs).

> You tell them to compile GNUstep from source, everything works, and
> they get a negative experience of GNUstep.

They should get a negative experience of the distro then, not GNUstep.
If distro packages have bugs, tell the users to complain to the
distro.  It is not your problem, really.

IMHO, the attitude of GNUstep developers towards the FHS layout (that
GNUstep is utterly broken there and can't possibly work) is grossly
exaggerated.  It doesn't help your cause if you continue this meme,
that only causes user confusion.

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