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Re: [Gnustep-cvs] r31321 - in /tools/make/trunk: ChangeLog GNUstep.conf.

From: SPUeNTRUP - Kai Henningsen
Subject: Re: [Gnustep-cvs] r31321 - in /tools/make/trunk: ChangeLog configure
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 15:28:17 +0200

Hello Yavor, all,

Am Fri, 17 Sep 2010 10:00:37 +0000 (UTC)
schrieb Yavor Doganov <address@hidden>:

> В Fri, 17 Sep 2010 10:36:08 +0100, David Chisnall написа:
> > On 17 Sep 2010, at 09:52, Yavor Doganov wrote:

> > They may have had input from some BSD developers, but it was never
> > adopted by any BSD systems.  Sun, SGI, and IBM all shipped Linux
> > distributions and software for Linux, so that's not really a counter
> > argument.
> Well, it was not meant to be a counter argument.  The FHS people
> *tried* to make it widely adopted by soliciting input from many
> parties, and failed.  They probably failed because they didn't listen
> at all to that input.

Well, I remember those debates, and that isn't my impression. My
impression was that few other-system people were at all interested in
the first place, and most who were were interested only in making the
FHS *identical* to what they were accustomed to. A standard isn't worth
much if it just describes the mess that made people want a standard;
necessarily, everyone must compromise. The Linux guys had a strong
motivation; everyone else pretty much did not.

And since then, most other Unices have either started coming with Linux
emulators, or become extinct ... making FHS variants for other systems
uninteresting to work at.

> IMHO, the attitude of GNUstep developers towards the FHS layout (that
> GNUstep is utterly broken there and can't possibly work) is grossly
> exaggerated.  It doesn't help your cause if you continue this meme,
> that only causes user confusion.

I've never understood that one, myself.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Münster /
with kind regards - Kai Henningsen

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