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From: Ben Lindsey
Subject: Orillion
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 15:02:28 -0500

To whom it may concern,

  I would like to let you know on behalf of Orillion USA that we are
currently porting applications and developing under GNUstep.  I would also
like introduce myself as the contact for GNUstep development at our
company -- if there is anything I can do for you -- don't hesitate to ask.

  Orillion is a large-scale telco network management systems company with US
offices in Austin, Houston, and Tulsa as well as international offices in
Tokyo and Hyderabad, India.

  Our development began on NeXT systems in the early 90's.  I have been
involved with our software since it's design and I believe that GNUstep
offers some very interesting opportunities for us.

  I am currently working with GNUstep on Solaris 8 and have met with much
success in my port and development there.  Feel free to use me as a contact
for Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 8 specific issues.  In the course of my work
I've come across only one or two issues that required minor changes to
GNUstep -- I will forward them along as soon as I have a chance to document
them properly.

  Any information you might have with regard to implementing the GNUstep
foundation library on OpenStep 4.2 Intel would be greatly appreciated -- we
are interested in modifications to our OpenStep clients in order that they
may use GDO.

  Please feel free to list our company among others that are happily using
GNUstep.  We are looking forward to contributing our work to the GNUstep
project as much and as often as we can.


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