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Opera -

From: Endre Steigum
Subject: Opera -
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 13:01:42 +0200

Dear Business Developer of,

My name is Endre Steigum, and I am a business developer for Opera Software ASA. 
Opera makes a Web Browser for eight different operating systems: Windows, 
BeOS, Mac, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, EPOC and QNX, for the desktop or embedded 

On the basis of user surveys and reviews of Web sites, we would like to keep 
our access to your company's Web site from our directory of bookmarks for the 
operating system. If you want your Web page to remain on our bookmark list, 
please respond to the conditions put forth in this letter. The bookmark list 
will be small, 
selective and very easy to use with approximately 150 links. This will make 
each individual link on the list highly visible to Opera's users. 

The Opera bookmark list is included in every Opera download. After the release 
of the first free version of Opera in December 2000, more than four million 
users have 
downloaded the browser and our downloads are increasing at a rate of 20,000 
users every day.

You can choose to have your pages included in one of the following categories:
Business, Computer Software, Computer Hardware, Directories, Entertainment, 
Family, Fun & Games, Health, Leisure, Movies & TV, Music, News, Research, 
Shopping or Web Resources. Presently, your company's homepage is represented 
today in the Web Resources category of the bookmark list. 

If you choose to keep your homepage on our list, you have several options: You 
can keep your link in the Computer folder, change folders, or place your link 
in several 
folders of your choice.

To remain included in our bookmark list for a year, we ask you to place an 
Opera banner or button on your Web site in a highly visible spot, preferably on 
the front page. 
It should be linked to Please see for examples.

Additionally, we can place your Web site at the top of bookmark list for a 
yearly fee. Our user surveys and hit rates indicate that the majority of our 
users visit the Web 
sites at the top of the bookmark list most frequently. By entering into the 
agreement today, your Web site can be placed in the most prominent spot on the 
bookmark list. 
We have three positions of prominent spots, the first position for those who 
pay 1000 USD a year, the second position for those who pay 750 USD, and the 
third for 
500 USD.

With more than 250 million impressions per month, Opera represents a lucrative 
market for
advertisers. Clients featured on our bookmark list are also entitled to a 30 
percent discount on our banner ad prices. If you are interested in advertising 
opportunities with 
Opera, please reply within two weeks of reading this letter. If you would like 
more information, or if you would like to start your advertising on our 
bookmark list today, 
please visit

As a prospective advertiser on Opera, I would also like to inform you about the 
Opera Composer, (, which is an online tool that lets 
import custom graphics and links to customize your very own version of the 
Opera Web Browser. Opera Composer may help you  spread your message and brand 
identity while offering even more access to your contents online. 

If you are not interested in being contacted or being featured in the bookmark 
list, please let me know as well. Please contact me if you have any ideas or 

Endre Steigum
Business Developer Opera Software
email: address@hidden
phone: +47 24 16 40 00

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