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From: ashley_franks2
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 17:26:57 -0800


In less than 90 days you can earn more than $45.000 simply by sending
e-mails. Do you think this is possible? Keep on reading and you will
get information about how this is possible. There are no limits.

Thanks for your interest.

Due to the wide interest this letter has received on the Internet,
one of the most respectable news agencies in the United States made a
detailed story about this program in order to find out if it really
worked, i.e. if you really could gain money this way. 

They also wanted to find out if it was legal. Their result was that
no laws prohibit programs like this or people to participate in it.
In fact, this is a simple and legal way to earn money from your own

Furthermore, the news show established that the participants were
unusually many and that their lives took a swift turn for the better.
Every participant received a high amount of money in a short time and
hence, the word got around fast. As soon as you get our point you
will have learned something new.


You should print this out and keep it available. This way to earn
money will surely catch your interest. You start by small investment
and the result will be enormous. 

If you want to earn more than $45.000 in less than 90 days, read
through this letter . think about it . and read it again.

This is a legal way to earn money.

You do not have to sell any product nor work hard, and best of all,
you even do not have to leave your home. If you believe that one day
you will make it, follow these instructions and your dreams will come
true. This Multi-Level-Marketing Program works 100%. E-mail is
today's future sales tool. Take advantage of this advertising
technology right now and participate.

Today, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is accepted in the world of
business. As an example we can tell you that it is taught in Harvard
University. Stanford Research and Wall Street Journal have verified
that 50-65% of all merchandise and service industry takes place with
MLM. This is a million dollar industry and 20% (700.000 individuals)
of the world's 3.500.000 millionaires got their success through MLM.
Statistics show us that each day 100 individuals are added to this

You may think that this is a clich├ę you have heard before, but Donald
Trump (one of the world's richest man) said in a David Letterman-
show last summer that if he lost everything and had to start over he
would definitely start by founding an Internet MLM business. The
audience on the show yelled and protested and Mr. Trump responded by
saying, "This is the reason why you are sitting down there and I am
sitting up here!".

MLM has two sources of income. First, you have income through your
own sale and second, you receive income by introducing new
participants. Non-stop incoming is the secret of the rich, which
means that you invest with a small amount of money and get great
returns. MLM means getting money with the help of others and their
work. This program is now working in 50 countries around the world.

I had almost let this information pass me but luckily I decided to
give it a chance and study it carefully.

My name is Petra Pieren, I am a housewife and the mother of two
children. My husband and me have for a long time search for an easy
way to earn money. We had financial difficulties and for a while we
were living in poverty. We asked ourselves how on earth we could make
this work in the future? Despite our fear of having not enough money
to live, we were too proud to accept help from the social workers. We
believed that one day our luck would turn. Somebody emailed me this
program twice and I ignored it, because I assumed that these
extraordinary high amounts of money meant that it had to be illegal.
Finally in March this year I received the email again and decided to
give it a chance and read it carefully. I saw that this was my chance
to turn things around for my family and me. I thank God that my name
was on one of the lists and I decided to take part. When money
started coming in I thought that it was too good to be true. I began
by investing without putting my self in debt. We read the whole thing
through once more, recalculated our investments, and found out that
we would always get the money invested returned. But we were
sceptical, like you maybe, that this was legal so we contacted U.S.
Post Office (tel. 001-800-725-2161/24) and they verified that what we
were taking part in was totally legal. We decided to take part
because we realised that this is a legal program and CERTAINLY NOT A
CHAIN LETTER. I started by buying an internet-connection, which cost
me 25 SFR, and sent a few thousands of e-mails. The advantage of
e-mail is that there is no need to buy expensive paper, it only takes
some of your time! I am honest when I tell you, and hopefully it
doesn't frighten you, that I promised myself that no matter what I
would never drag anyone by the tail/participate in anything that
would make fool out of other people. 

Within a week orders for Report #1 started coming. The goal is to
receive 20 orders of Report #1 within two weeks. If this doesn't
succeed all you have to do is send more people emails about this
program until you reach your goal. This was my first step to earn
$45.000 within 90 days. 

Next goal is to receive 100 orders of Report #2 within 2 weeks. If
that doesn't happen to you simply send more emails like you did with
Report #1. Once these 100 orders are achieved the rest is easy. All
you have to do is sit back and relax because the $45.000 profit is

Give yourself enough time to read about this program. Consider the
fact, that if you don't take part the program will not work for you. 
The program works but you need to follow the instructions carefully.
Take good care to place your name at the right place on the list,
because otherwise you could loose considerable money. In order for
this program to work as it should and bring you the whole $45.000,
you need to receive 20 orders of Report #1 and at least 100 for
Report #2. 

If you decide not to take part in this program I will be sorry for
your half, because this is an extraordinary chance to gain financial
independence with minimum risk and cost. 

Yours sincerely, Petra Pieran


You should now have realised that amateurs did not make this

Let me begin by telling you a bit about myself. I had a successful
business for 10 years but in 1997 things started going for the worst.
I continued working in the same way that brought me success before
but it just didn't work anymore. I discovered that the problem had
its origin in the economy system itself but not me. The so-called
stabilised economy that has been dominant since 1945 is history
because of inflation and recession. I don't need to tell you how
unemployment rates went up because you lived it yourselves, along
with bankruptcies in every part of the world. Middleclass evaporated
and those who knew what they were doing advanced in society. Those
who did nothing became poor. As the saying goes: "The richer will get
richer and the poorer poorer." Be sure that conventional way to earn
money will not bring you success because of the inflation.

You have already received information that will change your life and
bring you success without high risks or costs. You can earn more
money in the next months than you have ever dreamed of. I would like
to underline that neither me, nor the person who gathered this
information for you, will share your profit. I have already earned
over $4 million by sending 1,6 million e-mails. Now I run many
offices that make sure that this program, along with others alike, is
working both in U.S.A and Europe.

Follow the program carefully; do not change any aspect of it because
it works perfectly like it is. You can send this program to everybody
you know and one of them will than send 100.000 e-mails with your
name in it. You get more clients by sending more e-mail. Now I have
given you an idea, information, material and a chance to gain
financial independence and it's your turn. Think carefully.

Take a while and think before you delete this text.  Grab a pencil
and calculate possible outcomes of your participation in the program.
Assume that few orders come in and you will see that no matter what,
you will still be gaining much money. You will always get your
investment returned. All your doubts will disappear when the first
orders start pouring in. 

It works! Jody Jacobs, Richmond, VA


This method of earning money always works 100%. I am sure that you
can find a use for $45.000 in the next few months. Before you
denounce this please read this carefully through because we are
telling you about a perfectly legal way to earn money. This is what
you should do:

1.      Order all six Reports, which are on the list because you can not
sell a report if you don't own it. 

a.      Send $5 dollar bill for each Report, or the same amount in your
local currency (always bill not change), the number and title of the
Report and your name along with your address (in case of problems
with the mail) to the person on the list on that Report. 
b.      You need to order all six Reports when you order. You need to have
a downloaded file of all six Reports when you start sending it from
your own computer. 
c.      In a few days, you will receive a file of all six Reports through
e-mail and you can then download them on your hard disk, where they
will wait to be sent to thousands of people who will order from you.

2.      NOTICE: Do not change names or their order on the lists. If you
change something in the program you will loose high amount of money.
Once you have understood how the program works you will understand
why it doesn't work if you change it. Consider the fact that this
program has undergone tests in order to make it fail to work if you
change it. 

a.      Take the list that contains the Reports.
b.      Once you have ordered all the Reports, you should take the text
the goes with the list and change the name and address in Report #6
and put instead in the name from Report #5. Presumably the person who
owns the name in Report #6 has closed his/her circle and is now
enjoying $45.000.
c.      Move name and address in Report #4 to Report #5.
d.      Move name and address in Report #3 to Report #4.
e.      Move name and address in Report #2 to Report #3.
f.      Move name and address in Report #1 to Report #2.
g.      Put your own name and address in Report #1.

3.      Gather a list of all the names and download it without changes on
your hard disc. Make no alterations on the instructions.

Minimum cost is spent on starting (we can all spare $30). Obviously
you own a computer and an e-mail account. In order to succeed your
marketing on the net you need to own all 6 Reports. They contain
invaluable marketing information about how to send e-mails in large
quantities. Furthermore, you will be informed about Internet
marketing clubs such as the Internet Marketing Resources (IMR) which
one of its kind. It works as information centres for people in
marketing from all over the world and gives them an opportunity to
exchange ideas and secrets about the advantages of Internet
marketing. In addition, members of the club get a free copy of a
special marketing tool which is called "do it your self" marketing.
You will be given free e-mail software and through that up to
1.000.000 e-mail addresses every week. These club gives you access to
hundreds of free web-sides and advertise your own webside. You will
be able to send much e-mail to AOL and CompuServe and introduce your
product with newsgroups. 


Let's take an example. You start small to see how you do. You and
your friends send 2000 programs each through e-mail and get 0,3%
ratings. If your lists are good you will have a much better rating.
Furthermore, some will send more than 2000 e-mails, even 100.000 or
more.  O, 3% rating would mean 6 orders on Report #1. Each of those
six individuals will then e-mail 2000 programs, in all 12.000
programs, and 0,3% of their recipients, i.e. 36 persons, will order
Report #2. Those 36 individuals will then continue and send 2000
programs each or 72.000 programs. That would lead to at least 216
orders of Report #3. Those 216 individuals send each 2000 programs,
in all 432.000 e-mails. That would lead to 1.296 individuals ordering
Report #4 and each of those individuals would send 2.592.000
programs, which means that orderings coming in for Report #5 should
be about 7.776. Which means that 7.776 individuals would send you

What would happen if 1994 individuals out of 2000 would decide not to
take part and delete the program? Think about what would happen if
all of the 2000 people would send 100.000 e-mails instead of 2000.
Believe me, many will do that because the costs is close to zero.
Obviously, you now have an Internet link and e-mail. 

Report #2 and Report 5# show you how to send e-mails in large
quantities and free software to send as much as 1.000.000 e-mails
without costs.


1.      To advertise on the Internet is very practical. One can find
hundreds of free space for advertisement. Lets take an example: You
would like to start slow to see how it goes. Your aim is to get 6
people on level 1 and these 6 individuals will then only get another

Level 1. Your 6 with $5         ($5 multiplied by 6).........$30
Level 2. Your 6 with their 6            ($5 multiplied by 36)......$180
Level 3. Your 6 with their 36           ($5 multiplied by 216)....$1.080
Level 4. Your 6 with their 216  ($5 multiplied by 1296).....$6.480
Level 5. Your 6 with their 1296 ($5 multiplied by 7776)...$38.880
Level 6. Your 6 with their 7776 ($5 multiplied by 46656)..$233.280
Total Sum                               ...............$279.930

For every $5 you receive you simply send the Report requested in
e-mail. You should always respond to an order on the same day it
arrives. As soon as you respond the client can start working in your


Order all the six Reports according their number and title.

You should always send a $5 bill, never coins or cheques. Send the
order with ordinary mail; fold a paper around the bill before putting
it in the envelope and on the paper you should write the following:

a.      Number and title of the Report.
b.      Your e-mail address.
c.      Name and address.

Report #1: 
The insider's guide to advertising for free on the Internet
Flosi JakobssonPo Box: 4345,124 Reykjavik, Iceland

Report #2: 
The insider's guide to sending bulk e-mail on the Internet
Maria HaraldsdottirPo Box: 5426,125 Reykavik, Iceland 

Report #3: 
The secrets to MLM ,Multi-Level Marketing" on the Internet 
AEvar B. JakobssonPo Box: 9087129 Reykjavik, Iceland 

Report #4: 
How to become a millionaire utilizing the power of MLM and the
Aslaug SkeggjadottirPo Box: 4095,124 Reykjavik Iceland

Report #5: 
1 million e-mail dispatching ability, FREE!
Hallbera BjarnadottirFludasel 95,109 Reykjavik, Iceland 

Report #6: 
The address list generator, FREE never ending fresh addresses
Elvar JakobssonR├╝benkamp 82, 22307 Hamburg, (Germany) 

To remember!

 Consider the program your job. Follow the instructions carefully.
 ORDER ALL SIX REPORTS IMMEDIATELY, so they will be available to
you, when orders start coming in.
 Always respond to order on the same day.
 Be patient when you use this program because if you follow
instructions the result will be in your favour.
 By all means, believe in you.


The goal is to get 20 orders for Report #1 and 100 orders for Report
#2. After that, you can relax and the money will start coming in.

Each time you move a name off the list, your name will be put in
another Report. You can follow up on your results by checking the
numbers of ordered Reports. If you want to earn more money you can
simply start a new round of e-mails, because there are no limits.
Before you decide if you want to participate answer one question:

If the answer is yes, then check this out.
1.      You will be selling a product which has no production cost.
2.      You will be selling a product which has no transportation cost.
3.      You will be selling a product which has no advertisement cost.
4.      You will use the power of the Internet and MLM to distribute your
product around the world.
5.      The only investment you make is $30 and your time.
6.      All income is pure profit.


Here are few examples of people who have become rich working this

Mitchell Wolf. Chicago, IL. He earned $147.200 in $5 bills in 45

Pam Hedland, Halmstad, Sweden earned in the first 2 weeks $36.470 in
$5 bills and the money kept coming in.

Mohammed, Cairo, Egypt. In 4 weeks he earned $41.000

Order these Reports today and become financially independent. It is
your turn! The results are marvellous

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"REMOVE" in the subject line.

To ensure that the "unsubscribe process" has been completed successfully please 
allow 2 weeks. We do apologize for any
interim emails that are received while we are updating our records. 

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