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spamcop? Re: [queue #239531] (abuse) [SpamCop ( id:

Subject: spamcop? Re: [queue #239531] (abuse) [SpamCop ( id:57097581] Invitation to join
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 17:27:49 -0800

cc. Gnustep
cc. Chris at Terabyte

Dear Gnustep,

I was wondering why I was spam copped today?  I visited your site and sent
you a legitimate invitation to join  The was most certainly not
spam, so I am wondering why I was tarnished with such a brush.   I am not
fully aware of what happens when one is spamcopped, but I am sure whatever
it is, it's not good.

I apologize if my invitation offended you somehow, but must assure you it
was a genuine invitation from a human being rather than an automatic
spamming generated by some kind of email address harvesting web trawler.  I
hate those kind of address trawled approaches just as much as you do, as I
receive about 150 of them per day.

I would like your opinion on the matter, as now my reputation with my host
may have been tarnished unjustly and I feel a little upset about the whole

Kind regards,

Susan Daniels,

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