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FREE!!! Question Answering System for Any Web Site - ADVERTISEMENT

From: My [Q] Box
Subject: FREE!!! Question Answering System for Any Web Site - ADVERTISEMENT
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:58:36 -0800

"Natural Language" abilities for your Web Site, Call Center and Email Marketing!
Unlock the tools needed to teach My[Q]Box to answer questions about your product, service or favorite subject.



My[Q]Box Logo
Visit our web site at


Ask any Question about My[Q]Box




Test our system and see how well it answers questions about My[Q]Box!
We pointed this My[Q]Box at our Knowledge Domain!
Please remember to only ask questions about My[Q]Box.

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Point a My[Q]Box at Your Own Knowledge Domain Today!
Executive Summary (PDF 1.8MB) - A.I. Overview (PDF 637KB)

Get Started

Build your own Knowledge Domain. . .



  Free Knowledge Domain
Great for small sites or just playing around, signup is fast, easy and FREE!
Build your personal [Q]Bases and expose them using a My[Q]Box on any web site.
Answer up to 150 questions every month for FREE.
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  Pro Knowledge Domain
Respond to more questions using this professional Knowledge Management System.

Build professional level [Q]Bases for use on any website, help desk or marketing email.
Discover exactly what your site visitors are looking for while lowering overall support costs. 
From $19.95 per month

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  Web Developer Knowledge Domain
Added revenue from every web site that you create.

Add My[Q]Box to your customers web site and share in our revenue stream.
You can also offer new services, such as pre-population, that you can bill directly.
We send out checks every month!

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What is

My[Q]Box gives you the tools and storage capacity to build a high power Knowledge Domain.

My[Q]Box allows your Knowledge Domain to play the part of salesman, support person or sage.
Find out more.

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My[Q]Box™, [Q]Server™, [Q]Base™, [Q]Form™, [Q]Field™, AllMinds®, Natural Navigation™,
Learning, Growing Network of Human Knowledge™, Knowledge Domain™ and Knowledge Cluster™
are all trademarks of Unlimited Potential, Inc.

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