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WebRing News!

From: response
Subject: WebRing News!
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 23:35:17 -0700

Hello gnustep,

It has been several months since the separation from Yahoo! was completed, and 
at least that long since we sent out our last general email message to users.  
You are receiving this email because your are a valued WebRing Member (if you 
have received this email in error - your email address was perhaps accidentally 
entered by someone else - please excuse the intrusion) and we occasionally feel 
compelled to keep you abreast of events through email.

Over the past few months WebRing has launched many new features and many more 
are in the works.  These are announced on the system status page, as they occur.

We have also asked members to help support WebRing and hundreds of you have 
generously stepped forward.  From the start, we promised to give members tools 
to promote their Sites/Rings in return for contributions.  WebRing is excited 
to announce that we are launching the first set of "premium" features.  We need 
your support to continue providing excellent service; however, now your 
contributions not only support the WebRing community, but you can also use the 
amount we credit to your account to easily and inexpensively promote your 
Site(s), driving even more traffic to your favorite websites.  To prosper, 
WebRing still needs your support.  We hope these features help make it easier 
for you to consider joining with us in the effort.

You can take advantage of these additional features:
For Site Owners:
* Featured Sites - You can request to have your Site featured at the top of all 
of the Ring's Hub page listings for a modest monthly fee.  For commercial Sites 
looking to inrease sales this is a cost effective way to increase traffic 
through the Rings you belong to.

For Members with or without Sites:
* Ad suppression - You can suppress advertising while you surf WebRing pages.  
Apart from not having to be bothered by ads unless you want to see them, your 
pages will often load more quickly as well and third party advertisers will not 
have the ability to place cookies on your system to control ads -- at least 
while you are surfing on WebRing.

Please read more about these features at

We hope that you'll take some time to explore these tools, and use them as a 
way to not only increase traffic to your web sites but as a way of supporting 
the WebRing community as well.

We have other features in the works designed for members whether they have 
Site(s) in Ring(s) or not.  Stay tuned!

As always, best wishes,

The WebRing Team

Get help here:

If you want to find out more about how WebRing is supported, and what some of 
our plans and goals are, then read here:

We would like to stress that WebRing is a community and we are doing our best 
to keep it that way.  We feel that the best way to grow and support the 
community is to work with you, the community, to ensure that your needs and 
wishes are the topmost priority.

If you value WebRing as we do, and as many others who have already contributed 
do, and feel you can benefit from an even better system, then we ask for your 
support.  If this does not appeal to you then you should ignore this request.  
We'll still offer the best service and support whether you contribute or not.  
That, to us, is what community means.  The amount you contribute is up to you 
and, perhaps, depends on what premium services you may be interested in.  You 
can use PayPal by following this link:

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