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Increase Your Website Hits Today!!

From: Sales
Subject: Increase Your Website Hits Today!!
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 01:08:58 +0200


Most websites cannot be accessed by 95% of potential clients Leading web authority (UK)

    Some amazing web facts:

      "85% of internet users use search engines to find the sites they want"
      Georgia Institute of Technology

      "Search engine listings are the number one way to generate traffic on websites" -

      "169,400,000 people in the US access the internet. 92% of these people query search engines"

      "The internet is an incredible marketing tool, but if your website is not submitted on a regular basis you are missing the whole point of the world wide web"
      Andersen Steinberg Group

Many companies ask: Why is it that when you search for your website on many of the search engines our page simply does not come up, or comes very low down on the listings?

Quite simply your web site designer and your host are NOT responsible for getting your web site seen!

No, it isn't your site. No matter how exciting your message or how perfectly you constructed your web site, if people don't know you're there they won't come. You have to get the word out quickly and consistently in order to succeed online.

Yes some web designers may submit your website to a couple of search engines, but it is not their remit to proactively submit your company's website to search engines. This is a separate task all together and requires significant technical expertise to get a company registered and then in the upper tiers of search engines. You have to be put there!

Rockwell Data Corp® is one of the leading global web site submission specialists, we guarantee you will be seen locally and globally.

Search Engines are the most effective way of reaching your target audience both at local and global level. At Rockwell Data Corp we understand you want your web site listed quickly with all the major engines and directories. You want the highest possible placement for the terms your clients use when searching the Internet. Our global exposure solution provides the fast results you are looking for both locally and on a global scale. We Guarantee It! 

For only $124.99 (US)

We will submit your web site to up to a minimum of 300 of the world’s leading search engines and keep on doing this during the following 12 months, to give your site and business maximum exposure both locally and globally.


Book now by clicking here:
What we will do to get your website both the local and global exposure it requires:

We submit your website using two complex techniques to give maximum exposure. We first submit you to the world's most powerful search index powering AOL, MSN, Overture (formerly GoTo), iWON, HotBot,, Anzwers, chello, c|net, Eoexchange,, Google, LookSmart, MobilCom, NBCi etc which enjoy 80 million queries per day. You will be indexed and listed in 48 hours, guaranteed. Then, we will proceed to submit your site to the other top engines (a minimum of 300 engines and directories) and then re-submit your site every 30 days thereafter to these.

Your site will be indexed in AOL, MSN, Overture (formerly GoTo), iWON, HotBot,, Anzwers, chello, c|net, Eoexchange,, Goo, LookSmart, MobilCom, NBCi etc within 48 hours, and will be re-indexed every 48 hours thereafter for the next 12 months, to ensure your continued presence in these engines.

At Rockwell Date Corp our aim is to get all our clients to the top of the search engines
. Our team of qualified Internet submission technicians will carefully examine your website and its html coding including the metatags and keywords and will then recode them according to the leading companies in your category. We then submit your site daily to the leading group of engines and monthly to the rest, in order to get your company into the upper tiers of the search engines.

We are constantly adding new engines
, directories as well as regional and topical versions of existing sites to our database. Because your site is submitted each month, you will be assured of being found on these new services.


Our Guarantee, for complete peace of mind.

    • World’s Leading Search Engines: We guarantee that your site will be listed and indexed in the web's top search engines (including AOL, MSN, Overture (formerly GoTo), iWON, HotBot,, Anzwers, chello, c|net, Eoexchange,, Goo, LookSmart, MobilCom, NBCi etc and many others), serving over 82 million search requests a day, in 48 hours from when your order is processed, which occurs within 24 hours of signing up.
    • Mass Exposure locally and globally: We guarantee that on a monthly basis your website will be submitted to a minimum of 300 of the other leading Search engines. This will commence within 24 hours or receiving you details.
    • Monitor your sites progress: You can have peace of mind that the service is working because we guarantee that the search engines will send you through confirmation each time we submit your site. In this way you will be able to see the work we are doing on your behalf.
    • Frequent Updates: Your web pages will be refreshed every 48 hours. This means that any change you make to your web page will be reflected in the search index within two days. You can thus modify your page to fine tune the relevancy and improve your search engine ranking. All without the need to re-submit your URL all the time.
    • No Dropouts: Due to the 48 hour re-indexing, your website URL will remain in the leading search engine indexes for the whole 12 month subscription period. This means that there is no need to worry about having your URL dropped from the search engines, which can happen regularly with other search engine placement services.
    • Cost Savings: Search engine placement is the most cost effective way to attract new visitors to your web site. Companies spend thousands of dollars in online advertising to attract new customers to their web sites. A well-placed search engine listing can be thousand times more cost effective in comparison to traditional banner advertising.
    • Money back Guarantee: If we do not fulfil our commitment in the above guarantee during the 12-month period we will refund your money.

      To begin submitting your website all we need are your URL and e-mail address. Then within 48 hours your site will be submitted to all the worlds leading search engines.

      Order Rockwell's global submission NOW by clicking here.

      Please see our website for more details at Rockwell Data Corp.

      Alternatively if you have any questions please drop us an e-mail and a member of our technical team will be very happy to answer help you.

      If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please click here.




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