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Re: broken links on

From: Dan Hitt
Subject: Re: broken links on
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 23:22:23 -0500 (EST)

Hi Adam,

I have a redhat 7.3 system.
(1) run netscape
(3) press download button on left, under resources
(4) arrive at
     (which looks a little wrong)
(5) press view package list button, the only button visible
(6) arrives at 
    [the question mark with nothing after it is what i see]
(7) this page has the broken links.  For example, under gnustep core,
    all of the `stable' links are broken [and the stable numbers
    are all higher than the unstable ones, e.g., 1.6.0 for GNUstep
    Make is stable, higher than 1.5.2].  The unstable links
    under gnustep core are ok.

Thanks for all your work in gnustep, which i think is an important

And if you or somebody (simply gnustep?) has a source cd ready to sell,
i'll buy it.


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