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'GNUstep' has become '' in

From: linux
Subject: 'GNUstep' has become '' in
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 05:36:28 +0200 (MEST)

Dear webmaster,

Congratulations!! Today, your site is in the spotlight of Our visitors will be invited to go to your site with the box shown below. Your site will be in the spotlight until midnight (CET) when another website will be chosen. If you want to see how your link is registered, or if you want to stop us sending you anymore messages, you can do so in:

English, Español, or Nederlands.

GNUstep (en)
Categoria: Escritorios

Since 2000 we are a team of European and American volunteers that maintain portals, each of them concerning a specific theme. These portals contain links, articles, polls, and answers to frequently asked questions. Our main focus is to guarantee the quality of the information provided. Our international team now contains 100 guides. As we still need guides for many themes, you are very much invited to join us.

Please check if the information with which you are registered in our database is correct, and if not, we would like to hear so. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to link to our site from yours. We help your site to become more popular, and we hope that you will help us in return.

There's more information about our project available in Spanish and Dutch.


The team of

Pablo Pérez (address@hidden) Pablo Pérez
Stella (address@hidden) Stella

Ik kan dit niet lezen. Nederlands aub!! No comprendo. Español por favor!! Fight spam

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