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Re: broken links on

From: Dan Hitt
Subject: Re: broken links on
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 21:37:44 -0400 (EDT)

Hi MJ,

And to follow up on my own mail here, i can save (using netscape) the
file to a postscript file which doesn't look messed up (although of
course the postscript isn't interactive).

I certainly don't want you to waste your time on this if it's something
peculiar to my system, because i managed to download the sources otherwise.

But my netscape and system are not modified (i try very hard to keep the
system files exactly as they are installed), so it is possible that i'm
not unique with the problem.

Thanks again for your efforts.


   X-Original-To: address@hidden
   Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 16:47:05 -0400 (EDT)
   From: Dan Hitt <address@hidden>

   Hi MJ,

   Thanks for your mail.

   | > (4) arrive at
   | >      (which looks a little wrong)
   | How do you mean "looks a little wrong"?

   If you like i could try to send you a screen shot---give me the word and
   i'll try.

   Anyhow, the page starts off ok, it has a nice icon of a pair of floppies,
   and this text appears and looks right:
   Downloading GNUstep
   List of Packages
   GNUstep Source code can be easily obtained from either the main FTP
   site or several mirrors around the world:
   But after that it's messed up.

   There's a button which says `View package list', and it is partially
   covering some other text which reads
   s]GNUstep HTTP[1 Mbps] Peanuts Archive HTTP Progey FTP [100 Mbps]
   Progeny HTTP [100 Mbps] easynet FTP [Netherlands] easynet
   This is all on one line, and i don't know what comes before the s (or if
   it really is an `s', as it's partially covered).

   And below the button there are 4 large dots aligned vertically.

   And there's nothing else on the page.

   Per your request, i'll try it again in a few days.


      X-Original-To: address@hidden
      Cc: address@hidden
      Reply-To: address@hidden
      Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 18:13:27 +0100 (BST)
      From: address@hidden (MJ Ray)

      Dan Hitt wrote:
      > (4) arrive at
      >      (which looks a little wrong)

      How do you mean "looks a little wrong"?

      > (5) press view package list button, the only button visible

      Do you see a list box to choose a site from?  Do you pick anything
      from that list?

      > (6) arrives at 
      >     [the question mark with nothing after it is what i see]

      OK, this shouldn't happen, but downloads.php probably ought to pick
      a default anyway.  I've added that and the update should spread soon.
      Adam, is that OK?

      Dan, can you try this again in a day or so and let me know if it fixes
      it for you?  You could try checking the different mirrors and see if
      they all have this problem for you.

      > Thanks for all your work in gnustep, which i think is an important
      > project.

      I'm sure the developers will appreciate that: please email them when you
      get chance :)

      > And if you or somebody (simply gnustep?) has a source cd ready to sell,
      > i'll buy it.

      I don't think we do ourselves at the minute, but you could ask on
      the gnustep list.

      Thanks for your bug report,
      MJR/slef   My Opinion Only and possibly not of any group I know.
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