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WebRing Announcement

From: noreply
Subject: WebRing Announcement
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 03:24:06 -0700

Greetings WebRing member: gnustep

Please don't reply to this email.  If this email was received in error, see the 
bottom of this email for instructions on how to cease receiving these 

WebRing is pleased to announce new features, upcoming features, and changes to 

* We're getting rid of pop-up ads on WebRing pages!

* Email verification - ultimately we'll use this to launch a comprehensive 
"alert" system that will fully protect your email address from third party 
access while providing members with a comprehensive WebRing communication tool. 
 Log in and use your Account Info link to veridy yours.

* Reduced rates on ALL WebRing promotional features.

* Revised ad suppression choices for all Members.

For more information on these enhancements please visit the system status page 

As always, best wishes,

The WebRing Team

To contribute to WebRing you can use PayPal or Visa/Mastercard/American 
Express/Discover or even conventional "check in the mail".  Visit

for more information and links to payment options.

According to our records you have signed up with WebRing, and provided your 
email address for such announcements.  Please do NOT respond to this email.  If 
you don't wish to receive occasional email from WebRing then you will need to 
remove your account from WebRing or ALTER your user profile to specify that 
emails not be sent. 

To alter your profile:
1. Login to your WebRing account.  Your account is gnustep
2. Click on the Account Info link at the top of the screen.
3. Uncheck the Email Notification box
4.  Save changes

To remove your account:
1. Login to your WebRing account.  Your account is gnustep
2. Click on the My Rings link at the top of the screen
3. Click the Delete User ID link on the bottom left portion of the screen.
NOTE:  You will only SEE the delete link if you have no Ring memberships.  If 
you do, you must remove yourself from those Rings first.

If you cannot log into your User ID, or don't know your password, first try 
having the password emailed to you.  Use the help link on the login screen.  If 
that fails then you can contact support for assistance:

Fill out the form that allows you to contact WebRing support and we'll be glad 
to assist you.

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