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Partnering Enquiry from CifroSoft LLC (Russia)

From: Vitaly Demin
Subject: Partnering Enquiry from CifroSoft LLC (Russia)
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 13:09:41 +0700

Dear colleagues,

We are a software development company from Tomsk, Russia. We have been
working on the Russian IT market for quite a long time and completed many

Now we plan to work with western software companies to become its
outsourcing partner here in Russia. As you know such corporations as IBM
and SUN Microsystems cooperate with Russian companies because it greatly
reduces their 
costs as the labour force in Russia is a lot cheaper than in the west.
Moreover Russian programmers are in high demand worldwide.

We found your company rather professional in software development and if
you are interested we are ready to become your partner in developing any
kind of software. 

Actually there are two ways we can cooperate. 

1. We can work with project components or entire projects of any scale.
That is we'll be doing offshore programming for you on the terms we'll have
discussed or

2. We can become your affiliate where our programmers we'll be working. 

It's up to you to make your choice.
Below you can see a detailed list of our abilities and professional skills:

Programming Languages 

 C++ (Visual C++ 6.0/NET) 
 Java (Java2) 

Technologies and Standards 

 Win32 API 
 Microsoft DNA (DCOM/COM+) 
 DirectX, OpenGL, GDI+ 
 TCP/IP protocols 
 Java2 Enterprise Edition (Servlets, JSP, EJB, etc) 


 MS SQL Server 
 Microsoft Access 
 Oracle (PL/SQL, OCI) 

Software Engineering Tools 

 Rational ROSE 
 Power Designer 

All this information and all details about our company you can find at We would be very glad to hear back from you. We will
consider any kind of business cooperation offer from you if you are
interested in our partnering.

Please, write to us any time convenient for you.


Vitaly Demin
Development Manager
CifroSoft LLC

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