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Do Get Back To Me

From: Davis Usman
Subject: Do Get Back To Me
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 07:03:25 -0800 (PST)

Dear Friend,

This letter might come to you as a surprise since we have not met before, but I 
take you to be an honest person who can assist me in actualizing this 

My name is Davis Usman the Chief Security Aid to the immediate past President 
of Liberia Charles Taylor who is presently seeking asylum in Nigeria; He is 
here I in Nigeria with his family, bodyguards, few other security aids, and me.

I have in my custody the sum of 14.5m, which I intend to use for business 
investment abroad. President Charles Taylor himself made this fund available to 
me when we were still in Liberia. As the chief security aid, I was bestowed 
with the responsibility for the procurement of more arms and ammunitions in 
other to subdue the fast rising might of the opposition rebels.

I was able to foresee the looming danger ahead due to the enormous pressure on 
President Charles Taylor from the United Nations (UN), Africa Union (AU) and in 
particular African prominent heads of state to leave Liberia and go on exile, 
which truly is the only means to install peace in Liberia.

As at the time I received this last ammunitions purchasing fund (14.5m), I knew 
that Charles Taylor will be forced out of Liberia before the arrival of he 
ammunitions, so I acted wisely, instead of going for the ammunitions, I then 
traveled to a different country where I deposited these funds with a diplomatic 
security company for my own personal use.

These funds was already carefully packed in two diplomatic trunk boxes which 
made it easier for deposit without the companies knowledge of the exact 
content, It was deposited as Gem Stones and was tagged consignment.

Due to my position here with Charles Taylor, I cannot travel out for now, this 
is where I now beg for your assistance in going to make claims of the 
consignment on my behalf with the documents which I will provide to you, then 
transfer the funds into your safe account whiles I and my family now come over 
to your Country for investment with your wise advice.

I assure you there are no risk involved, as every aspect of this transaction is 
legal, genuine and safe.

Please Note that neither Charles Taylor nor any other person is aware of this 
deal, it is absolutely confidential.

I beg for your Understanding, as I expect your urgent candid response. You can 
contact me on my alternative email for now: address@hidden

My Best Regards,

Davis Usman

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