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get $150 in your bank account for yourself in one week

From: K. Lesoe
Subject: get $150 in your bank account for yourself in one week
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 13:02:02 -0800

I have a rather unusual proposition for you. It’s something that I believe 
could provide a great deal of profit to you with absolutely no risk. 

My name is Keith Lesoe and I’m the owner of Ross Soft, Ltd, Eastern Europe 
based software company. 

We specialize in developing & support of antivirus and firewall software 
We had a few corporate clients in US in 2003, they used to handle the sales for 
us because our banking system won’t allow us to interface with online payment 
systems such as Paypal, 2checkout etc.

Now we are looking for individuals who can manage online Paypal orders from US 
& UK customers. 
The system is fully automated; you won’t have to deal with the clients. 
We pay 10-20 % from the money flow (you start at 10%). It won’t cost you 
anything to start.
We guarantee you get at least 150$ for yourself first week in your bank account.

Please let me know if you wish to receive full payout price sheet & welcome kit 
by replying this email with “more info” in the subject line.

K. Lesoe

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