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Stylesheet problem

From: Scott Stevenson
Subject: Stylesheet problem
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 20:39:14 -0800

Woo! It's a up! A few things...

In gnustep-main.css on line 58 and again on line 103, URLs are specified for the background images but these images apparently didn't get copied to the docroot so they aren't being displayed. This makes the header look particularly bad. :)

Does anyone want to volunteer time to take some better screenshots for the home page? I just threw those two in there for the mockup. For color continuity, it would be best if the desktop picture was set to "GNUstep blue" when the screen is grabbed.

Lastly, would it be possible to link my name in the news to Not at all critical, just would be nice.


    - Scott

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