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Re: Re[4]:

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: Re[4]:
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 12:30:32 +0000

On 2004-01-08 00:34:21 +0000 Manuel Guesdon <address@hidden> wrote:

On Wed, 07 Jan 2004 22:46:50 +0100 Stefan Urbanek <address@hidden> wrote:
| SPIP is really nice and easy to use. If GNUstep were using spip, it would be much easier to maintain site contents

Would we lose nearly all our mirrors? We have the ones and the ones. That's why I'm jumping through hoops to retemplate it and part of why it takes a while.

IMO, the problem is that we need more help. A glossy CMS with insufficient help will still be bad, just as the current web site with insufficient help has been bad.

I'd like to see a news site, but I think there are ones like already. Maybe you could work with its owner to improve it? The main site needs to make more use of it, for sure.

I've created style sheets and templates inspired by previous site for

That looks like the old site, but nearly all answers said that we should move away from that when we last asked. Looks quite nice, but has a few small problems: I find it too wide for my browser window and the text is very large. Also, the main text is one narrow column in links. URLs end in article.php3?id_article=5 when article.php3/5 would probably be neater. 42 errors, says

Can whoever is putting Re[4] and similar switch off "number replies" in their mail client, please? TIA.

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