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Re: Related Sites

From: copal
Subject: Re: Related Sites
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 22:59:54 -0600

no kidding? has eric or time been lurking around lately? i haven't talked to him in months (he was doing IWM releases for a while), and it's been significantly longer since i spoke with tim...

i'll drop them both an email...

- ian

On Feb 8, 2004, at 12:45 PM, MJ Ray wrote:

On 2004-02-05 01:43:35 +0000 copal <address@hidden> wrote:

under "Projects"...Could this possibly be put up there? Especially if admittedly defunct projects are <wink>...

If you're talking about LinuxSTEP, it's referenced almost as often as GNUstep in the new Sams Publishing book "Programming in Objective-C" that I saw in the bookshop today. Maybe you should use that to encourage someone to adopt and continue it?

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