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We are looking for honest and smart people for business offer.

From: Eddy
Subject: We are looking for honest and smart people for business offer.
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 21:41:07 -0700
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Company Slim Display corp. is the seller of plasma TVs, and also the representative of the
largest manufacturers of electronics in Pacific region. We are engaged in sales of TVs and
accessories to them within 3 years. At the moment our company has departments and physical
representatives more than in 22 countries of the world, such as Northern and Southern America, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, etc.
We plan to push up sales therefore we search for commercial representative in Australia and New Zealand.

Work of the sales representative will be to advertise our production, to advise the consumer,
to arrange seminars in the advertising purposes and to accept internal bank transfers from our
clients with the subsequent sending to one of our legal representations via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram (we will pay all fees for WU and MG services).

Skill to find the approach to the client, Experience in sphere of trade, representation.
Skill to organize seminars and to do reports.
Experience in sphere of the finance.
Experience of conducting own business connected to sales.

Payment of the sales representative makes 7% from amount of payment of the client and 4% for purchase through the bank account of the agent. We shall notify, in what bank you should open new account for work with us. Payment of seminars and other actions is stipulated separately.

About US
Slim Display corp. brought in the Official Companies Register of Estonia.
Our OCR# VU639576100004214.
Please contact to OCR office for specification of our position in OCR.
Contact info: +37251905320 (voice/fax) mailto: address@hidden

If you correspond to requirements or consider that can try yourself in this business, send us
request and we shall mail you Registration Form of the agent.
Please visit our website for more information:


Thank you for reading this document.

Slim Display corp.

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