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Best Franchise Opportunities would like to link to your site.

From: Webmaster
Subject: Best Franchise Opportunities would like to link to your site.
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 19:02:53 -0500

Dear Webmaster,


        I am writing you today regarding reciprocal linking of our websites. The name of our

website is  The reasons for linking are beneficial to

both parties. We are a highly visited website with a current page rank of between four and

five which means we are a valid link partner for you. The focus of our website is business

and franchise opportunities.  If you are interested you may reach me through email at

laddress@hidden I would be more then happy to answer any

questions or further discuss how this can be beneficial for both parties.  Once you have

decided to exchange links with us please email me your site information so that I can have

someone in my IT staff add your link, and also please let me know where I can find my link

on your site.




                         ELIZABETH MAZUR


PS- I hope that my letter has not caused you any inconvenience.  It is not my intention to

send you any unwanted mail and if you would like for me to not contact you again please send

me an email at laddress@hidden and I won't contact you again.

Thank you.

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