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From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re:
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 19:24:29 -0700
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MJ Ray wrote:

I actually have a proposal regarding this which I've been working on very sporadically, and will be sending to the list in a day or two now that (today) my semester final examinations are complete.


On 2004-05-20 09:34:40 +0100 Oya Sengün <address@hidden> wrote:
Gorm is 0.7.6 currently, please update.

Done. It really is a pain having Gorm spread around the web site. If it is its 
own project, why does it not live on its own page? If it's core, why is the 
maintainer not maintaining the Gorm pages?

If i make fresh screenshots (ala look of NeXTSTEP) of ,
would you replace those at the above page?

Yes, probably.


You have an identity crisis.

Best wishes,

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