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From: Alex Perez
Subject: template Revisited
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 11:27:45 -0700
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On April 6 of this year, you replied to an e-mail I'd sent to the GNUstep webmasters mailing list regarding a request by me to have administrative access to the GNUstep wiki in order to re-work the template to more closely match the new website layout (sans the navigation bar).

At that time, you said "If everyone is ok here, I can give you administrator access and ftp access to the wiki." and I never followed up, but nobody ever said they had a problem with it in the month and a half since then.

So, may I have access, pretty please?

TOPIC 2: On another note, I'm on summer vacation from uni and have plans to work extensively on the GNUstep website. Two things that I intend to work on are the lack of both a GDL2 and GNUstepWeb page. The site hasn't been updated since October of 2003 (Manuel, I think this is your arena) but I was thinking maybe we could put the responsibility of updating it on someone else, mainly me. We also need better documentation for GSWeb. Additionally, we need to have some sort of GDL2 page, even if it's humble. Ratmice (Matt Rice) has volunteered to write some more GDL2 documentation, and we can link to the Apple EOF stuff as well for the time being, since something is better than nothing.

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