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Please confirm receipt..

From: Oksana Svetlova
Subject: Please confirm receipt..
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 19:26:44 +0500

Sorry, not sure, did my message arrive last time? I was 
hoping for a reply... Just in case, I am resending the 
message, please see below. Thank you.


Hello. I meant to contact the webmaster,
Am I correct, I hope? 

Actually, I am not quite sure... Did I or Katya Svetlova write you 
before to your other address? Anyway, now we are working together.

So, my name is Oksana Svetlova, I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.
I have an idea how we could cooperate to our mutual benefit, see,
possibly you will find it interesting. 

After the last year economy slow-down people are seeking to cut 
costs, right? 

And I could get you in touch with developers from Russia, who 
will be happy to do a web designer's work for you for considerably 
less than your clients possibly pay you (or you pay for 
web-design?), and with _professional_ quality. Also - all 
programming, Internet-programming, graphic, flash design, content
writing, translations, etc. If you do web-design, then you may
accept more orders at once, getting a good share from each, and
devote yourself only to that work, you find most interesting.
Alternatively, you can realize more your ideas to develop, more
features to add to your existing sites, and with low costs: from
$18, and an average of $23 an hour.

I have placed links to their works at
and references from Deutsche Telekom AG, Multicom, and smaller 
clients at

As for reliability, I just saw, how carefully they hand-picked their
specialists, and under what tight and professional management they do 
their projects. So, from past experience, it was almost always 
possible to meet deadlines. A consultant is online in ICQ, AIM and 
other instant messengers 6 days a week, also they have local 
consultants in many states in the USA, in Europe, and Australia.

And they can accept from small to really large projects: the team is 
of over 100 specialists now. For sensitive projects you may conclude 
a Non-Disclosure Agreement with their USA headquarters.

So, all in all, I presume, they can make a reliable, professional,
and cost-efficient alternative both to in-house programmers and 
local expensive IT-development firms.

What do you think? A possibility for cooperation?

Thank you very much,
Oksana Svetlova.

PS. Just in case you need any type of IT works now, please let me 
know a bit of details, they will return you a cost/time estimation.

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