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Your link has been Added to

From: webmaster
Subject: Your link has been Added to
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 08:22:48 +0200

Dear webmaster at,

My name is Kate Weaver (though most people just call me Katz) 
and I'm the Content Manager of - A World of Knowledge,
a community of sites dedicated to providing high-quality informative web 

We placed a link to your site
in the External Link section of the Homepage of:     (Check it out!)

I would appreciate it if you returned the favor and linked back to
Linking back to us will also help maintain your link with us in the future.

For your convenience I have attached Wikiverse graphic link which
you may apply to your website as an alternative to a bland text link.

To Place Wikiverse graphic link follow these simple steps:

[1] Upload the attached wikiverse.gif to your server.
[2] Copy and Paste the following HTML code to your site:


<center><font size=1>Find all about<br>
<a href="";><font 
size=2>gnustep</a><br>at<a href="";> 
Wikiverse</a></font><br><a href="";>
<img src="http://www.YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME.COM/wikiverse.gif"; alt="Find all about 
gnustep" width="78" height="110" border="0"></a></center>


[3] Replace DOMAIN_NAME.COM in the code with your server URL where you uploaded 
Wikiverse.gif image!

That's it!

For Online instructions on linking to please 

Please reply after you're done.
Questions, comments or feedback are welcome.

Thanks in advance and best regards, (-:


Wikiverse - A World of Knowledge.

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