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Decrease your software development costs by at least 50%

From: Janos Szokreny
Subject: Decrease your software development costs by at least 50%
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:47:30 +0200

Dear Sir,

 My name is Janos Szokreny from the Hungarian (EU) Pro Solutions and Marsal 
Company. Your e-mail address has been obtained from the public 
webpage, and we DO NOT intend to use it for spam reasons.

 We would like to offer you a new way to decrease your software development 
costs by at least 50%, while getting the maximum level of reliability and 
proficiency from us.

 Our companies are well experienced in software and web development, and we are 
undertaking outsourcing. We are very well experienced in outsourcing, and we 
believe that distance and communications can not be a problem in the 21st 
century via Internet.

 You also have the opportunity to hire a full-time coder from us, while saving 
50% of your money. It is the wisest way to outsource your projects!

 If you think that you would be interested in saving your development costs, be 
sure to visit our website for additional informations:

Looking forward to hear from you,
 Janos Szokreny

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