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Personal Trading Information.

From: Myles Fraser
Subject: Personal Trading Information.
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 15:14:05 -0400

Emerging St0ck Alert

Big year expected in 2005 for Motion DNA Pink Sheets Stock Symbol MTDN



Symbol: MTDN O T C . B B
Trading: $.019 - $.030 range
Buy Price: A Value under $.65

Recommendation: STR0NG BUY

What to look for:

Company officials expect to make the move to become a reporting company, due to their high expectations Motion DNA may surpass revenue projections for 2005. Currently with zero debt, and increasing interest in its franchise program, company officials term the financial viability of Motion DNA as "solid". "All of the road blocks appear to be removed and Motion DNA expects to increase its market presence in the sports medicine industry and improve company revenues substantially," said Zig Ziegler, President of Motion DNA. "We can now focus on increasing customer awareness and sales of our products and services."

In a move expected to provide future franchisees with access to a solid customer base, Motion DNA officials have agreed to terms with one of the nation's leading health club chains with over 430 locations in the US and Europe. Motion DNA is expected to launch its first analysis center in one of the club’s Arizona locations. Franchisees will be awarded locations as part of their territories. A formal announcement is expected within the coming weeks.

The #1 reason to own Motion DNA (MTDN: OTC.BB) today: MTDN is greatly undervalued & American!

Still Not Convinced?

Here are more reasons why we LOVE it!

Motion DNA is scheduled to demonstrate its newest pitching and overhead analysis at the upcoming Minor League Baseball Tradeshow. The tradeshow, scheduled for December 10, 11, and 12, coincides with the annual Winter Meetings for Major League Baseball. Representatives from more than 200 Major League and Minor League Baseball clubs, leagues and organizations typically attend the Baseball Trade Show during their annual meetings. In addition, baseball representatives, coaches, and organizers from Independent League, College, High School and Little League, as well as other baseball affiliated organizations are invited to attend the Baseball Trade Show. Current Major League Player Ramon Hernandez of the San Diego Padres and an endorser of Motion DNA is expected to attend the event and assist in promoting the company to his big league peers. Canadian Olympian Fastpitch Softball Player Lauren Bay, is also expected to attend the tradeshow along with other company officials

More about Motion DNA

Motion DNA Corporation provides diagnostic testing for medical professionals and sports organizations. Motion DNA's biomechanical analyses and detailed reports provide its licensees and consumers with solutions for preventing injuries, identifying physical limitations, diagnosing pre-existing injuries related to biomechanics, and improving physical performance levels.
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