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Fwd: GNUstep mirror

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Fwd: GNUstep mirror
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 10:29:53 -0700

Does anyone have any new information on why the GNUstep rsync is not working?

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From: address@hidden
Date: January 31, 2005 9:18:42 AM MST
To: address@hidden
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: GNUstep mirror

Adam Fedor wrote:
You're gnustep mirror has not been updated in quite a long time. Do you still wish to mirror GNUstep or should I take you off the list?
     Adam, I'm getting the following rsync error:


archive% rsync -vaH --stats --delete --partial \ \

rsync: server sent "rsync version 2.5.4 protocol version 26" rather than greetingAny clues on why this is happening? rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1043)


I get this whether I'm rsync'ing from a BSD box or Debian Sarge GNU/Linux box within the Progeny network or from a Red Hat Linux 7.3 box outside our network. (Just in case it was a network problem caused by our firewall.) I searched on Google for this error, and the only results pointed to a post from the previous Progeny system administrator! He had sent his e-mail to the GNUstep-webmasters mailing list in November 2003:

< msg00005.html>

     He never go a solution.  Do you have any advice?

Bernie Hoefer                      Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
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