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About Wiki

From: CzarnyZajaczek
Subject: About Wiki
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 01:13:58 +0100
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Hello, I've found this Wiki, searching about gdnc server in GNUStep. I use GNUStep on my Debian sarge, and I have some problem with it. It's probably not problem with GNUStep nor gdnc, but that on my system network doesn't work properly - so it's problem with Debian rather than
GNUStep, but I started to search informations about it.

I've found wikis very useful - already I write sometimes textboox about Debian on polish Wikibooks (, and in near
future I will start writing about using GNUStep in polish.

As I can see, there are only developers, who have permissions to edit this wiki. Nowaday, I've been using Linux, and GNUStep only one year long, at home, and haven't developed anything but my knowledge about it ;). Maybe in future...

Tomasz Dąbski "CzarnyZajaczek"
Linux Registered Użyszkodnik #379341 (

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