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[wiki] permission to write on protected page

From: Rawitat Pulam
Subject: [wiki] permission to write on protected page
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 15:02:23 +0700

Dear GNUstep webmasters

I recently visited the GNUstep wiki page, particularly one with the following address

I found a slight mistake in Porting from GNUstep to Cocoa section and wanted to correct it. However, when I created my account (name: rawitatpulam), I was told that the page is protected from editing.

I fully understand your reason for protecting the page, with increasing number of wiki-spamming.

Please kindly grant the permission, or else scan the section and correct it. It is not in many sense the major mistake.

Best Regard,

Rawitat Pulam
Department of Computing, Faculty of Science
Silpakorn University, Sanam Chandra Palace Campus
Nakornpathom, Thailand

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