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GNUstep project closure notice last week

From: Tito Mari Francis Escaño
Subject: GNUstep project closure notice last week
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 13:52:44 +0800

Is it true that the GNUstep project will close?

I'm Mr. Tito Mari Francis Escaño, a computer engineer in the
Philippines. I was really disappointed by that post last week and
almost shocked to know that the project I have been keeping an eye on
for more than 8 years is about to close.

Not seeing the news and hopefully continuing the project will keep the
ray of hope alive that there will be an OpenStep implementation on
Free and Open Sourse platforms. I have tried and succeeded to build
your base libraries and some application on an OpenBSD 3.9 and I loved
it. When I get to finish my current assignment, I hope to focus on
rolling out a BSD variant with GNUstep as GUI environment.

More power to the project and hopefully in the future I can contribute
in this project. Long live GNUstep!

Tito Mari Francis H. Escaño
Computer Engineer and Free Software Proponent

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