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GNUstep Site Redesign

From: Stefan Bidigaray
Subject: GNUstep Site Redesign
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 14:09:37 -0500

Just FYI, I think it would make more sense if this discussed the redesign in this ML.
Here's a summary of what's been discussed so far:
This is the current mock up by Jesse (feel free to comment on it):
Menus/Pages will be arranged in the following manner (+ my opinions/comments):
- Home Page
 +- Most recent news
 +- Search
 +- Screenshot with link to Screenshot Page
 +- Upcomming Events
 +- How to Contribute (I added this one as I think it's extremely important)
- Get Started
 +- Overview
 +- Download
 +- Installation Procedure
 +- Tutorials/Documentation
- Documentation
 +- Links to Wiki
 +- I think on this one we can actually use the current Documentation page but organize a little better
- News
 +- Developer Blogs (I'm still not sure I like this, I'm a little anti-blog)
 +- commits (and get rid of Status page)
 +- Planet (I have no idea what this is)
- Status
 +- I think we should move this to News page
- Applications
 +- List + screenshots of known Apps
- Support
 +- Mailing Lists
 +- Bug Reports
 +- Donations
 +- How to Contribute (yes, have this here too)
Adam pointed out that we will need to contact Manuel Guesdon (address@hidden) as well as address@hidden (their website is in French, do we need a French speaking person to make contact) for information on the available software.  We can probably do this while we're deciding what is needed, and also by someone that understands about web site design/programming.
All interested parties will probably need write access to the site, but I think we should make a decision about this later (lets get the ball rolling first).
Over all, I think we should try to keep the content brief and to the point.  The current website seems to throw too much at you.  Also, we need to keep in mind all the GNUstep components (I'm assuming everything in GNUstep's SVN is part of it):
 - Core Libraries
 - GDL2
 - GSWeb
 - Guile Bridge
 - Renaissance
 - Performance
 - libObjC
 - SimpleWebKit
 - StepTalk
 - SMBKit
 - SQLClient
 - WebServer
 - Nib2GModel (is this still working)
 - PBXBuild
 - Make (part of Core)
 - Gorm
 - ProjectCenter
 - GWorkspace (hosted at, we can probably move it into the main site)
 - SystemPreferences (ditto to GW)
 - EasyDiff (hosted at, ditto as above)
 - Thematic (is anyone even working on this?)
I think I covered everything.

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